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25 April 2016 13:00

UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 23 April 2016 13:00

A while ago I had the bad luck to have a serious heart problem. I lived through all of the stages of this episode, the recovery room, the rehabilitation and the fear during hospitalization and after when I left the hospital.
My experience during these dark moments allowed me to understand what the patient lives through during these critical moments and, because of this I decided to use my experience in sophisticated computer software systems to find a solution that allows people like me to lead a better life than they otherwise would be able to.
Often you feel alone because some problems separate you from others and, even when you are fortunate enough to have someone with you, it is not easy for them to understand how it feels. I am not complaining, that is just how it is.
To reach my objective, I decided to move from Italy to the UK where I felt that people are considerate of others and I can say from my experience that this is so. I met Telecare companies and Local Authorities to discuss needs to see that my solution was as wide ranging as possible.
Then, one year ago, the ICare project started. Using my considerable experience in the remote operation and programming of sophisticated security systems, I decided that the new system would target the remote management of vulnerable people with these pathologies: Alzheimer, Epilepsy, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Asthma, Dementia, Heart problems and so on.
I decided on ICare as the acronym of “Independent Care”. I emphasise, ICare isn’t an Apple product however you can access it on any device - including Apple products.
ICare broke away from using a variety of existing systems where it is necessary to use different hardware to monitor a vulnerable people. It consolidates all of their functions in one wearable device and their management in a single, cloud based, system that can be accessed by PC, lap-top, tablet or smart phone.
ICare system is a very good solution for the user because it resolves all the patient's needs and allows a better life for them. ICare is a better solution for the Telecare Companies and Local Authorities because it reduces the number of pieces of hardware and thereby reduces the cost of care to everyone.
ICare it is not the "panacea" of all problems but it can make a better life for people that are living with these problems every day.
I hope what I have said has got your attention, if you want more information then have a look at the website:
I know this is a good system, but I would say that wouldn't I as I invented it! All i need now is for everyone else to think so.

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About New AXEL LTD

New AXEL LTD is a Trade company. Was born in UK in the October 2013, following the beautiful UK thought, PROTECT THE VULNERABLE PEOPLE. To reach this target, we have three rules: It must be easy, it must be reliable and it must be useful. Our activity is open on two ways. The first is the Healthcare Security and the second is the Physical Security. We use high technology in all our solutions and projects. Our team is composed by engineers that have managed healthcare assistance and security problems, for more time.
The major part of the activity of the Company is dedicated to the development of the New Healthcare Solutions “ICARE System”.

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