Businesses operating in regulated industries find themselves at risk of non-compliance because they manage their procedures using complex paper based systems that often fail, leading to missed opportunities and reduced capacity with staff being tied up in complex administrative tasks. C Folio’s mission is to overcome these problems with their service that delivers existing procedures ‘digitally’ through its new software platform named “Boris”.

Says founder Lee Chapman “in my previous green energy construction business the typical day consisted of chasing staff for paperwork - trying to ensure we were operating compliantly, only to receive back incomplete or ineligible scrappy documents which just went straight into a file. I knew there had to be a more efficient and trustworthy solution to manage compliance and ‘day to day’ procedures.”

Lee’s construction business had grown and the bigger it got the more paperwork it produced. His experience and that of many others clearly identified the need for an effective solution, so when he finally discovered a fellow contractor using a privately built software solution named ‘Boris’, he bought it for his own construction company.

Following this Lee sold his interests in his construction business, negotiated the licence rights to the software and is now planning to disrupt the software market with a plain English campaign and service that stands apart from the rest. He says “our USP is that we take all of your existing paperwork processes and completely make them digital – handing over a complete system that works and not just sell you a piece of software”.

The company that originally developed ‘Boris’ has introduced the software into a few of their blue-chip clients including NHS Great Ormond street Hospital and Highways England, but with no time to market it alongside their successful contracting business, Lee saw the opportunity to licence the app and create a full bespoke service around it.

Lee says “I knew what the problems were, so I diversified into software to offer a working solution to businesses with paperwork heavy processes in regulated environments. We’ve onboarded our first major client and the impact on their business efficiency has been dramatic as predicted.” No longer reliant on paperwork C Folio’s client has recently secured a big contract following a demonstration on how they will ensure compliance and deliver traceability of their services.

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After searching for a solution to our own paperwork and compliance woes only to discover a congested american market whose sole purpose was to generate 'user' fees without offering time starved clients a full turnkey solution we decided to start a company to provide this service.
C Folio understand the importance of processes and systems yet we want you to enjoy your business knowing that all paperwork is fully completed on every stage of the project. We take your paperwork and processes and make them digital and tailor our platform to suit your business allowing minimum administration yet providing you with 'live' real time data on what is happening in the business at anytime - your business will be fully compliant, responsive and enable positive cash flow by proving works have been carried out quickly. Clients will also prefer to give your company work as you'll make their life easier.

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