Can sustainability provide a positive strategy for modern businesses, to help them stand out from the competition in their industry? This seems to have been the case for eco-friendly tech entrepreneur Feyi Ogunyeye, who believes the increased demand for ethically responsible products and companies, highlights a long-term trend in today's world.

Many current success stories, such as Tesla, Etsy, and Ben and Jerry’s, have managed to base a profitable and cutting edge brand, off of a sustainable approach to business. This is largely due to the benefits that ethically sound investments, can often make in reducing the long term operating costs for businesses, in addition to increasing sales numbers.

However, despite the fact that, according to figures from the Ethical Market Report in 2016, “ethical spending in the UK has grown by 8% to £38 billion in just the past year” (Ethical Many businesses either fail to understand why sustainability is an concept that more and more consumers are buying into, or struggle to find a way to successfully employ eco-friendly practices, in the way that can benefit them on a day to day basis.

Tesla visionary Elon Musk, says that “sustainability is a concept that matters to everyone, and that the faster that we together achieve sustainability, the better future civilisation will be” (, 2016). This view is supported by Feyi, a tech entrepreneur who develops sustainable products for businesses at Plymouth start-up BrighThinking. He believes that there is a growing need for business people that can stand out from the crowd, through creating companies based around making renewable ideas, that can meet the needs of people across the world.

According to Feyi, almost any business can begin to take steps towards reaping the benefits of sustainability. “The key thing that i’ve found, as the owner of a business trying to be eco-friendly, is that the best way to approach sustainability is to make small but increased decisions over time, in the areas that that you want to see positive changes in, during day to day life”.

Notes to editors

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About BrighThinking

We here at BrighThinking aim to help businessmen and women stand out from the crowd, and make a positive impact on the world, through the design and development of sustainable products, that can be used everyday.

Unfortunately, a lot of the current range of products on the market, operate on the idea that sustainability shouldn't necessarily have to play a role, in improving the way that businesses and those within them operate in their daily lives.

We beg to disagree, and with products such as the SolarDock and Eco-phone stand, BrighThinking are showing the world that it is possible to create a range of innovative and modern products which look good, are user-friendly, and are made sustainably. In order to help businessmen and businesswomen use eco-conscious and bright ideas, to stand out in their working environment.