Business coaching practice London Business Coaching are calling for CEOs to rethink the way they make their charitable donations this Christmas.

Hoping to lead by example, the coaching practice have committed to donate a percentage of their profits to what they believe is the most cost-effective educational charity in the world. The Deworm The World Initiative caught their eye as one of GiveWell’s top three most effective charities in the world and MIT’s Poverty Action Lab’s ‘best charitable buy’ in education and health.

Bryn Hopewell, Marketing Director at London Business Coaching, said: “The rationale behind the commitment is combining compassion with business thinking. As business mentors to the CEOs of companies in London we spend a lot of time trying to find clever answers to business problems. We thought it only appropriate that we should find an equally clever way to use our charity donations.”

Bryn added: “Scientists at MIT found that if you relieve children in rural schools in Kenya of the symptoms caused by parasitic worms, you can purchase the equivalent of eight years of additional school attendance with a £50 donation, hence our pledge to give a child a primary school education for every new client we sign.”

“In business we focus on returns on investments and that’s why we chose this project. If you’re looking for the highest ‘amount of good done per pound donated’ then Deworm The World are a fantastic choice.”

The coaching practice are spreading the concept to their clients too. They see a potential role as advocates for the ‘effective altruism’ movement (the name given to this kind of scientific impact-focussed giving) within the business community in London.

“By sharing what we are doing in Kenya with those businesses we coach in the UK we hope to help develop a more charitable ethos within the business community and to popularise the idea of giving to effective charities.”

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