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British brand turns bottles into boardshorts for Christmas

24 November 2014 17:21


With the oceans pumping through their veins for as long as they can remember, the team at Riz have seized an opportunity to be pioneers of fully sustainable surf clothing. Riz (38, Kent) and Ali (37, Kent) have backgrounds in product design, natural sciences, surfing and sailing.

“We believe in protecting what we love and, through the development of Riz Boardshorts, it is our mission to transform beach and ocean plastics into beautiful products. We are turning to the public to help us achieve this, because we realise that it will take a movement to truly change the industry.” Says Ali.

“Currently some of the leading surf brands use recycled materials in small parts of their collection, but that is where it ends. Driven by our love for the oceans, it is our goal to ensure that every product we produce, every trim, zipper and drawstring is made from 100% recycled and recyclable components.” Says Riz.

Through Riz Boardshort’s crowdfunding page, anyone with a love for the ocean can support their goals to:
1. INVEST in becoming the first fully recycled and recyclable Boardshort brand, ultimately transforming beach and ocean plastics into beautiful beachwear
2. EXPAND the Riz range, making high quality, recycled beachwear for the world to wear.

Another pillar of the Riz brand is their revolutionary Rizcycling program. “Rizcycling means working with our customers to create a perpetual loop that transforms waste and worn out surfwear into beautiful new products”, says Riz. “Our shorts are made from 100% recycled and recyclable fabrics and, by offering a 25% discount on a new pair, customers are encouraged to donate their old and unwanted boardies for reuse or rehoming”.

Supporters who visit the Riz Boardshorts crowdfunding campaign on will be rewarded with products from the upcoming collection, sunshine Christmas gifts, and one-of-a-kind opportunities including creating their own bespoke pair of Riz boardshorts and a unique surfing trip with their Ocean Ambassadors. The crowd campaign is looking to raise £15,000 by the 20th of February 2015.

For more information on the campaign, its supporters and other exciting rewards, please visit Riz’s kriticalmass fundraising page:

About kriticalmass: Kriticalmass powers good by enabling great ideas to access funding plus vital support from brands, passionate volunteers and social ambassadors. It is the first platform that allows organisations to join the crowd and enables project creators to access the resources, expertise and reach of companies. It was launched in London in March 2014.

For any further questions or queries please contact:
Riz - or +44 (0) 7949 214 970
kriticalmass: Benny – +44 (0) 7455 011197


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Riz was born with a deep connection to the ocean. We grew up on the beautiful coastline of Devon, sailing and surfing. As adults, we studied design and natural sciences then moved into fashion and finance but never lost our love of the seas or our connection to nature.

Our mission is to make beautiful boardshorts for a plastic-free ocean. We design stylish, and sustainable mid and long-length surf shorts with prints inspired by nature that don't harm the environment. As we’ve grown older, we’ve realised how vital the oceans are for the survival of our planet. Sadly, our oceans and beaches are littered with waste plastics. Experts estimate that there are 46,000 pieces of plastic in every square mile of the ocean. We don't want our shorts to end up littering landfills or oceans. So, in an effort to do our part, we’ve developed the Rizcycling programme.

Rizcycling means working with our customers to create a perpetual loop that transforms waste and worn out surfing and swimming shorts into beautiful new products. Today, our board shorts for men and women are made from recycled and recyclable fabrics. We also encourage our customers to donate their old and unwanted swimwear for us to reuse or rehome. Our new goal is to create 100% recycled and recyclable, tailored swim shorts and to use marine litter - beach and ocean plastics - to make luxury boardshorts.

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