Barenaturals, are an a British Brand who create world friendly products for world friendly people.
Set up by the founders, a London Midwife from Berkhamsted and an Engineer from Borehamwood, they started making candles from a workshop at home that now have a large following all around the world but are still largely unheard of in the UK.

Barenaturals new candle range helps to battle climate change because every time a customer buys a Barenaturals candle, somewhere in the world a tree is planted in areas of deforestation and need. Last week they planted 2500 mangrove trees in Madagascar helping reduce flooding and threats to the local habitats at risk of climate change due to to deforestation.

Talking recently about the subject of conscious consumerism, founder Darcey Croft said 'I feel more confident than ever that the power to save the planet rests with the individual consumer'


Darcey Croft is a Kings College London Midwife and David Bryans is an Engineer from Borehamwood. Together they are the founders of Beaconsfield based Barenaturals. You can find more about them here and contact them on 07572 465711 (Darcey) or 07496079199 (David). They tweet @worldfriendly_ or @darceycroft and their Facebook page is

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About Barenaturals

A social enterprise UK brand, Barenaturals creates candles with a difference. For every candle they sell, ten trees are planted in areas of social and environmental hardship. Working with leading reforestation projects around the world Barenaturals is leading the positive impact movement of conscious consumerism.

Founded in 2012 by Darcey Croft, a London NHS midwife and David Bryans an engineer. Barenaturals was designed to create a positive feedback loop between consumer purchases, capitalism and saving the world.