It has been reported that 50% of all store-packaged foods contain palm oil and it is often disguised under different names that make it hard for consumers to identify. According to WWF, more than 50% of orangutans are found outside of protected areas and experience habitat loss due to deforestation and palm oil plantations. Orangutans end up feeling confused, burn to death due to the fires from deforestation and also lose their families.

World-renowned 100% natural sweetener brand Natvia are excited to announce the launch of a product so good, even the orangutans love it. We’re talking about Nuttvia, the tasty hazelnut spread with No Palm Oil and 97% less sugar. Nuttvia is the only 5 star health rating hazelnut spread and has been a huge success on social media, with people already posting images of the new hazelnut spread and commenting on its amazing taste.

“We wanted to create a great tasting product that would offer consumers the opportunity to consume responsibly and create a positive impact on the environment.“ Mark Hanna, co-founder of Nuttvia.

Nuttvia has been certified with The Orangutan Alliance No Palm Oil Seal.

Maria Abadilla from the Orangutan Alliance comments:
“We are very pleased that Nuttvia chose to go palm oil free, the brand has such great values and the world needs a product like this. Our aim is to empower consumers to decide with their buy and to promote Palm Oil Free products, and Nuttvia fits in perfectly.“

Nuttvia is available in Ocado and on Amazon, and internationally at leading supermarkets in Australia, New Zealand, UE, Hong Kong and Korea as well as in several countries in Europe. Nuttvia offer consumers the chance to spread good by consuming a product that has ZERO Palm Oil and 97% less sugar.

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About Nuttvia
Nuttvia is the only hazelnut spread with a 5 star health rating. It is Palm Oil Free and has 97% less sugar. The full range includes the 600g jar, the 350g jar and the breadsticks snack-pack.

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Natvia is a natural sweetener made from 100% naturally derived sources. It is diabetic friendly and virtually calorie free. Natvia has recently announced the launch of Nuttvia, a tasty hazelnut spread made with ZERO palm oil and 97% less sugar. Nuttvia is also the only hazelnut spread with a 5 star health rating.