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Level 39 Technology Accelerator

Brian Cox: Science Needs Techies

10 September 2014 16:02


Brian Cox called for more techies to get involved in the science industry. The satellite construction industry needs to grow for scientific research to continue to break new boundaries. Highly skilled tech professionals are key to sending satellite construction into hyperspace.
Brian Cox made his way to Level39 to talk about the Big Bang and CERN, amongst other things. Anticipation was building days before the event took place.
As Professor Cox reminded us, the event was all for a very good cause. Proceeds from ticket sales went to St Paul's Way Trust's Science Summer School, which helps get local young people from Tower Hamlets into science.
Professor Cox was in demand before he took to the stage. The ClubLounge39 lighting making him appear slightly etherial.
Lord Andrew Mawson has been a pivotal figure in the development of the St Paul's Way Trust school. Lord Mawson took to the stage to introduce Brain Cox, and later delivered an inspirational message to the gathered crowd.
After the introductions, Professor Brian Cox gained the stage, and began to shed some light on the darker quarters of the universe... Cox spoke about CERN, the possibility of intelligent life on other planets, and the structure of the universe.
He called for more research and development funding to be dedicated to CERN and explained that due to scientific exploration, the satellite industry is due to encounter exponential growth. Due to this boom, one million more specialist engineers will be required by 2020. Intelligent, highly-skilled techies could capitalise in the years to come..
The audience at the event were (needless to say) enthralled by the BBC's favourite Professor.
Lots of interesting news and comment pieces were posted following Professor Cox's appearance at Level39.

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