'Yoga can be the secret to a long life', says a London-based business responding to today's life expectancy data from the Office for National Statistics.

"There are many reasons someone makes it onto the yoga mat for the first time - such as the well-known health and physical benefits or increased strength and flexibility. But then the power of the practice slowly reveals itself as you also start to experience the mental and emotional benefits like increased clarity, focus, calm and wellbeing." says Simona Schimanovich, founder of Moon Tribe, a new ethical label for contemporary yogis.

One of the main practices in yoga, calming and deepening the breath, has a major impact on the entire system helping to shift out of the "fight and flight" response that so many people in modern societies are struggling with. The constant over-stimulation we are exposed to nowadays creates a number of stress responses in the body that have negative effects in the long term. Yoga helps to slow down, reconnect with the body and calm the mind.

In fact, yoga philosophy teaches that slowing down the number of breaths will increase longevity. Traditionally studying and learning from nature yogis have observed that animals who have a fast breath rate such as mice or dogs have a much shorter lifespan than their fellow animals with a slow breath rate like tortoise or elephants who only take about 4 breaths per minute.

The regular practice of full yogic breathing with full, deep inhalations and slow, long exhalations calms the mind and creates a shift into the parasympathetic nervous system that will increase your longevity and wellbeing.

"This is one of the secrets of yoga - and in the end it is not only about the number of years but also our energy levels and quality of life!" says Simona.

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About Moon Tribe

Moon Tribe is a new label for mindful movement designed in London. We create ethical clothes for contemporary yogis to inspire us and share our conscious lifestyle.

We are on a journey to spread higher vibrations and connect our tribe of mindful movement, celebrating this vibrant global community.

The brand was founded by Simona Schimanovich – a free spirit, art director and yoga teacher – and launched in London in 2016.