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Newcastle Performance Coaching Limited

BreakFree to a Happier Life

31 December 2014 17:53



January 01, 2015

BreakFree in 2015 to a Happier Life
Achieve Your Goals with Group Coaching Sessions in Newcastle

Get the maximum benefits of working with a Personal Development Consultant as well as a having the chance to evolve alongside a dynamic group of people also seeking a similar outcome.

Newcastle Performance Coaching Limited are launching their new ‘BreakFree’ series of group coaching sessions in Newcastle. There is a wide variety of sessions available.

In addition to Goal Setting sessions for clients to set their 2015 goals they also run ‘Vision Board’ workshops where clients can create a visual representation of their goals for the year.

Also available are sessions for Finding Happiness, Developing Relationships, Building Confidence, Managing Stress, Mastering Work-Life Balance, Effective Decision Making.

As well as personal development sessions Newcastle Performance Coaching also a monthly Book Discussion group as well as a regular Friendship group; ideal for people new to the area or have found themselves wanting to get out more after their children have flown the nest or post divorce.

Head Coach Aly says "Not only do our clients come along to work on their goals but genuine friendships are often formed. Our clients will often return again and again as the sessions are great value and enjoyable."

Regular coaching groups enable people to work on goals that help find that inner happiness, grow in confidence and shake of self limiting beliefs enabling them to embark upon new things.

Those in the group sessions learn what it's like to shed those past experiences which may have held them back in life and approach living with gusto and variety. Many try out new hobbies, get out more with new found friends, develop fresh skills, as well as achieving dynamic personal growth.

The coaches also welcome clients to join them for social events in Newcastle whether it be for meal, a drink or a coffee - a great way to keep in touch with people they’ve met in the sessions and build new friendships - ideal for clients working on an improved social life or building confidence and are unsure where to start.

With the prospect of starting off 2015 on a better, more inspiring direction why wouldn’t you want to join in these great sessions and make 2015 your best year yet?

When you head along to any of the sessions you can expect a relaxed, informal small group of people, there is plenty of coffee and biscuits available - you're very unlikely to see flip charts, Power Point Presentations or handouts - things are kept relaxed and enjoyable so people feel comfortable and able to get involved in the session. All you need to bring along is a pen, paper and open mind.

The focus of the 2015 Coaching Series is to ‘BreakFree’ from the norm - so come along and get involved - say goodbye to humdrum and mundane and say hello to a vibrant new life to make 2015 your best year yet.
Book into a sessions on Eventbrite, new sessions are added weekly,

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About Newcastle Performance Coaching Limited

Newcastle Performance Coaching to supports and coaches Professional People in the North East to identify their Personal, Professional and Business goals, then working with and motivating them on their journey to success.

Background - Solicitor with almost 30 years experience working in the legal profession.
Trained in Personal, Small Business and Corporate Coaching, NLP, EFT, EMI Plus, Complete Mind Therapy, Hypnotherapy. I am a Coaching Academy Licensed Trainer.

We deliver quality workshops at low cost from our Newcastle office in the following coaching areas;

Goal Setting - Motivation - Values, Beliefs & Rules
Understanding our Human Needs
Effective Communication
Taking Responsibility
Confidence Building
Stress Management
Disability and Diversity
Support Groups for Professional People
Difficult Choices and Effective Decision Making
Positive Relationships & Friendships

We take bookings for our workshops on Eventbrite

Weekend sessions available as we understand it's hard for busy professionals to take time out from their work or business during the week.

We work with Professional People in the North East, including lawyers, Police, doctors, teachers, accountants, surveyors, NHS staff, sole traders, consultants, counsellors and other therapists, Civil Service.

Most of our clients are single and over 40 who are looking to change their life post divorce, looking to change careers or who have set up in business and are looking to develop and grow.

We also run a social networking group for single Professional People over 40.

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