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By Jaime Ltd

Brand new Eco friendly products that make life easier by Jaime

10 February 2014 15:12


Originally her Oven Door Shield saw an end to cooks least favourite job of cleaning the oven door which was a huge success and soon followed by the Oven Floor Shield to keep the floor of the oven clean.
Jaime was often asked what can I use to clean my oven prior to using your products?
Magic oven cleaner was then created this is an odour free cleaner with no need to scrub simply paint on and wipe off in as little as 3 minutes.
Jaime is set to launch her next creation at the spring fair something else that has not been done before!
Magic Glass Cleaner is not just a glass cleaner, It is an amazing new smear free, fast evaporation beautifully scented sea grass and lotus glass cleaner!

1st Feb 2014

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About By Jaime Ltd


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