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Boxtoff App For Safe, Accessible and Mobile Document Storage

17 July 2015 16:00


If you have been waiting for the perfect solution to organise your personal files – it has finally arrived in the form of With its unique indexing system and fully featured app you can rest assured that you will never again be without your vital information when you need it, all protected by 256 bit SSL encryption.

• Have you ever had to prove your car was taxed or insured or struggled to find a roadside assistance helpline in an emergency?
• Worried you might lose your holiday travel documents when away from home?
• Lost or had personal possessions stolen that contain important details?
• Or simply lost your glasses on holiday and didn’t have your optician’s prescription!

These things happen, and can often be a real hassle to put right if they do.

The Boxtoff app provides a solution to the age old problem of scrambling around for helpline numbers and other relevant documents such as your birth certificate or an optician's prescription, that are never to hand when you need them. And there are lots of other documents you can safely store on your mobile phone – fishing licence, appliance receipts, NHS card – the list is endless.

The site was originally developed as a simple on-line document storage solution.

"We identified a huge gap in the market, so we started adding more features,” recalls managing director, Tony Rand. “We decided to make it a service for anyone, so the software team developed apps for iPhone and android users, and we rebuilt the site to make it really user-friendly.”

“Users find Boxtoff invaluable because they can store all their most important documents and information in one place until needed,” says Boxtoff commercial manager, Marie Forkan. “It is taylor-made for consumers, and its unique features are a huge improvement over conventional Cloud storage options.

“We are also exploring how Boxtoff can enhance customer service and loyalty within vertical markets and we’re already in discussion with a number of potential business partners.”

The free app allows you to upload your five most vital documents and then stores them safely so they are at your fingertips when you need them. An upgraded version is available for 99p, which provides unlimited storage.

Both versions of the app allow customers to auto dial their emergency numbers and send email enquiries. Boxtoff automatically sends reminders for upcoming expiry dates and prompts renewal uploads.

Users can scan and upload documents using their mobile device or via a computer, then have 24/7 access wherever they are. Thumbnails and indexing make file retrieval quick and easy.

Available for iPhone and Android, Boxtoff can now be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.


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