Botonique, a natural, dry, non-alcoholic drink alternative for wine lovers, has been chosen by Tesco for its recently launched platform BackIt, promoting “great new products from the best small food & drink businesses in the UK”, and has become only the second product to reach its funding target.

Botonique addresses emerging consumer needs in a time of growing concern about sugar and alcohol intake, increased admiration for clean, healthy living, a growing desire for personal well-being – but an enduring desire for pleasure.

Botonique is a proudly British sparkling drink crafted by a wine merchant to deliver the qualities she admires in good white wine, but without grapes (too sweet) or alcohol. Flavour and beneficial elements are extracted from herbs, spices and other botanicals, and supplemented by a special blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids which alcohol depletes. These are variously anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, alkalising, detoxifying and hydrating. The flavours are then blended, along with sparkling water and a dash of pear juice, to get the kind of dry complexity, taste satisfaction and length of finish normally only found in good wines or spirits.

The result looks like Prosecco but has a unique and intriguing botanical taste reminiscent of of dry white wine, but with distinct notes of gin and vermouth. What’s more, it contains only 1/6 the calories of wine, with no artificial sweeteners, flavours, colours or preservatives. Botonique has been called “The Champagne of Health Drinks”.

“The nose is very rich, so many aromas, very nice” - David Martin, Wine & Spirit Education Trust

“A soft drink with all the pleasure of wine” - Liz Baterman, Ehrmanns Wines

It’s clear to see why Botonique is a perfect seasonal companion for those of us who love social occasions and wine but also understand that too much alcohol can have adverse effects on our wellbeing. We want to look good, feel good and make the most of each day. Botonique is also great for designated drivers, those expecting, and those who are not able to consume alcohol for medical reasons or on principle, but still want to enjoy something special.

Botonique is extremely versatile. It can be enjoyed straight as an all-night drink or as a switch-over after a glass or two of wine; for brunch or at a dinner party; on its own or as a mocktail or even cocktail, with food or without. Any way you like it, any time of the day. We like our Sterling Serve best – with a garnish of cucumber, lime and mint, over ice.

Botonique comes in 750ml bottles and is available from, with next day delivery. And of course via Tesco BackIt until 7th November. Another major listing is imminent.


For further information, please contact

Hilary Marsh
Founder, Genius Drinks
07739 515499

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Genius Drinks is a young company created by a wine merchant, Hilary Marsh, to find ways to help people like her to drink less alcohol, without loss of pleasure, and to put back many of the nutrients that alcohol strips out.

Our flagship product range is Botonique - the Soft Drink For wine Lovers, and the first in the range, launched summer 2016, is Botonique Crisp Dry White.