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BootBandz has launched to Keep over the knee Boots in place

19 May 2017 21:45


London, England – May 16, 2017 – Laura Jennings, CEO of BootBandz, announced the official launch of her new product to prevent any style of fashionable boots from sliding and slouching.
“BootBandz prevents boots from slouching down your legs,” said Jennings. “Over-the-knee boots always fall down when you walk, get up from a seated position or when navigating stairs. BootBandz eliminates those problems.”
Thigh boots and calf boots can make a dramatic fashion statement for women, but there’s nothing chic about fashionwear that slides down the leg and ruins an entire look. For those wearing designer boots, the problem can be even more dramatic as the footwear is typically made of very soft leather. Boots can begin their downward crawl even quicker if they’re made of suede, which is even more supple than leather.
Ultimately, it’s not the shape of the leg or the material of the boot that causes the footwear to sag around the ankle. New boots mold themselves to the leg during the break-in phase and cause little difficulty. Once the material begins to soften through wear, the boot becomes too soft to sustain its own weight and it trends downward.
The unique new BootBandz are equally effective for over-knee boots or sophisticated thigh-high styles that individuals want to keep in place. The devices fit inside the boot where they’re unnoticeable while they perform their primary objective – preventing droopy boots.
Created with an elasticized material, they’re designed with a super strong adhesive that adheres to the inside of the footwear and they can even be sewn in should the wearer desire to affix them inside the boot permanently. Available in black to accommodate the vast majority of lining colors, one size fits all and BootBandz are equally at home in a pair of women’s boots.
The introduction of BootBandz provides women around the world with a simple, elegant and cost effective solution for holding boots of any length in place and preventing rows of unsightly ankle wrinkles from slouching boots. Comfortable and invisible to others, with BootBandz individuals can wear their fashion footwear with confidence.

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