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Bonikka wins Silver in Independent Toy Awards

16 September 2014 09:51


Honey has just arrived in the UK, along with various other new dolls introduced to the Bonikka collection of rag dolls. Honey is one of the Naturals dolls, beautiful designs in soft gentle colours, with a modern twist of a traditional style.

Jo Crombie, Director and founder of Imajo says “We are over the moon that Honey has been awarded Silver in the doll category of the Independent Toy Awards. It confirms our belief that these new dolls are very special indeed and will do incredibly well. They are without a doubt some of the sweetest dolls we have seen and are exactly the kind of doll we want to offer as a step above the average rag doll.”

Imajo is expecting to have their best year yet in 2014. Established in 2008, sales this year are up by over 30% on existing dolls compared to last year, so with the new arrivals set to make an additional massive impact in the UK market, it’s a very exciting time.

The new additions to the Bonikka collection have only been available to order in the UK since July, so the speed of this award is testament to the enormous potential of their popularity and appeal to everyone.

All the new Bonikka rag dolls are in stock and available to order, bringing the full range up to 20 unique designs. Honey and the other Naturals Dolls are not alone in their charm. The Ritzy Girls and Willettes are characterised by contemporary outfits with some very special fabrics and design features. Newborns are not forgotten with the incredibly soft and cuddly Butterfly Dolls. Whichever doll is chosen, they will surely ignite a child’s affection and they will become treasured best friends.

Bonikka is a beautiful family of rag dolls designed to stand the test of time. The entire collection is inspired by a gift from father to daughter as a symbol of security, love and shared memories. They are keepsakes to be handed down the generations.

Made in Sri Lanka, Bonikka has an ethical background and a focus on quality.

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About Imajo

Imajo was established in 2008 and is a UK wholesaler of rag dolls and soft toys. The beautifully designed Bonikka collection of rag dolls were launched in Autumn 2013 and the range will increase fourfold in 2014. New Bonikka designs are due to arrive in August.

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