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Copernicus International Consulting Ltd

Billion$ Finnish corporation launches new system so that you can see what your pets, children and other loved ones are up to when you leave them home alone

24 June 2015 07:30


Ever wonder what your pets are up to when you are not there to keep an eye on them? Channel 4 thinks so, and so do the pet loving British public as the viewing figures for "dogs, their secret lives" currently airing, will testify. Britain is not alone though as a nation of pet pamperer's. Elisa Corporation, a multi-billion dollar Finnish technology company has launched their Elisa Live camera and app system to the UK market this week.
The motion detector activated camera system takes only 60 seconds to set up and provides live video and voice connection between the viewing device, phone, tablet or pc and the camera(s). Yes not only can you see what the little darlings are up to, that could equally be the kids as much as the pets, but you can even tell them off or say"good boy" from wherever you are in the world. The high quality resolution cameras open up a whole new world of potential inter-activity with your loved ones.
See for yourself at which has a live feed from the Mongoose enclosure at Helsinki zoo or the fiercely named predator centre in Lapland where, if you are lucky, you will catch a glimpse or two of the roaming Lynx.
To be one of the first in the UK to really know what goes on behind your own closed doors mail us at and we will get you "live" on Elisa.

About Copernicus International Consulting
The Elisa Live is the latest product introduced successfully in to the UK market by Copernicus. Journalists that would like to trial the Elisa Live system for themselves for review purposes please contact us directly and we will arrange for samples to be issued.
Copernicus is an international management consultancy for the SME sector with representation throughout the United Kingdom and a successful international network.
Copernicus international match making services, international trade event organisation, market research, market entry strategy, distributor identification, the establishment of joint ventures and acquisition identification.
The organisation has extensive experience of working with companies from across the world, various chambers of commerce and government trade development bodies to assist their members to fast-track their entry into new markets profitably. Copernicus continues to expand internationally for the 16th successive year.
For further information contact:
Name: Helen Flowers
Call: 44 (0)161 262 1990

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Helen Flowers

Marketing Manager

Tel: 01612621990


About Copernicus International Consulting Ltd

International business to business matchmaker, helping companies in to new export markets profitably. FDI generation initiatives have led to over USD$100M investments in previous projects in Europe , Africa and Asia.
Consultants across the UK and a network that extend to an additional 38 countries. Copernicus was established in 1999 and has continued to grow every year since. Founded as a strategic management consultancy specialising in turnaround services for SME's, the business has developed into a significant resources for government bodies, trade organisations and private companies looking to expand their reach and market penetration.
Members of the Market Research Society, Copernicus offers high quality quantitative, qualitative research services in multiple languages within multiple countries. Mystery shopper, focus groups or direct market research all all undertaken with an enthusiastic, professional attitude to deliver quality based, meaningful results.

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