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British Exporters Association

BExA - 6th Annual Benchmarking of UK Export Finance - Whole Government Support for Exporters

19 October 2015 15:45


13th October 2015

BExA launches today its’ 6th Annual benchmarking of UK Export Finance entitled “UK Export Finance: Supporting the National Export Challenge.”

Our Annual benchmarking analysis identifies a number of key areas of Government support that require coordinated delivery through UKEF, UKTI, DfID, FCO and the British Business Bank using all the ‘levers of Government’ focussing on:

• Support to Small and Medium Sized companies
• UKEF Accessibility and Resourcing
• UKEF Medium term financing support
• UKTI Charging Regime, Dissemination of Information, Trade Shows and delegations and the introduction of Prospect Insurance for SMEs
• Re-introduction of a DfID tied aid programme, in combination with concessional finance support from UKEF, accessing the UK supply chain

BExA believes that now is the time for Government to introduce a Whole Government approach to delivering support to the UK’s exporters. The activities of those Departments engaging with exporters need to be co-ordinated and focussed on achieving the objectives of the National Export Challenge.

Whilst Whitehall cuts will have an impact on a number of the these Departments, Government should recognise that UKEF is unusual for a Government Department in being a net contributor to the Exchequer and should be considered very differently by HM Treasury in relation to staffing. UKEF needs resourcing to address the needs of the exporters who provide UKEF’s revenue.

BExA’s Chairman, Jon Coleman commented ‘BExA hopes that Government will continue to build upon the significant advances in its support for the UK’s exporters achieved over the last 5 years. In particular now is the time to adopt a Whole Government approach, aligned to the objectives of the National Export Challenge, if a true rebalancing of the UK economy is to be realised in the medium term.’
1) The full BExA paper “UK Export Finance: Supporting the National Export Challenge” can be seen on BExA’s website:
2) More on the national export challenge:
3) BExA represents British exporters and their service providers and takes a particular interest in the finance of exports and export credit insurance.
4) BExA believes there is a correlation between a country’s exports and the activities
of its Export Credit Agency (ECA).
5) BExA contact: Hugh Bailey, Director, Tel.: 020 7222 5419

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About British Exporters Association

About BExA

BExA is an independent national trade association representing the interests of the export community. Established in 1940 as the National General Export Merchants Group, it became the British Export Houses Association and then in 1988 adopted the name of British Exporters Association when it recruited manufacturing companies as members.


• Lobbies UK Government Departments to provide world-class support to enable British Exports

• Provide wide-ranging networking opportunities across a range of Large Exporters, SME’s, Banks, Credit Insurers, Insurance Brokers and Legal firms.

• Provides practical advice to new, and experienced, exporters through free comprehensive guides and research papers.

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