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Provence Delights


04 December 2014 19:30


An unusual and delicious foodie gift!

Provence Delights Ltd a new venture founded by Julie and Sylvain are proud to sell their delicious Olive Relish, using a secret family recipe from Provence at the Venn Street Market in Clapham Common every Saturdays and at Belgravia Christmas market Sunday 7th December ! A lot of free samples will be available to tease your palate!

About the Olive Relish:

This unique regal flavour encapsulate a very Proven├žal taste experience. It is sweet and savoury at the same time, a perfect match for goat cheese and foie gras! And the outstanding high glass jar will be an exciting Christmas gift to surprise your family and friends!

About Provence Delights Ltd:

Provence Delights Ltd is based in London and aim to source authentic delicacies from Provence. Their commitment to regional provenance ensures all the ingredients are natural and cooked in a traditional way.

If you want to support Provence Delights expansion to the UK go on Kickstarter a crow-funding website:
In exchange for your funding, they are offering exciting rewards - from a beautiful jar of Olive Relish to a fantastic journey in Provence!

You can find out more from the website:

Or follow them on tweeter: @provence_deli

''Having worked at award winning establishments, the team behind the Provence Delights are not only knowledgeable about fine foods but they have a passion for sharing the very best with others. Whilst being versatile in its usage, their 'olive relish' is complex in flavour and adds depth to any dish. It pairs well with meats, cheese and wine, and even chocolate cake!'' Leila Tang, pastry chef, in a luxury boutique hotel in London

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