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Belgibeer offers top-quality craft beers in subscription format and invests in a new software to create an online community for beer lovers

01 April 2016 13:00

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Brussels, April 2016. Do you like beer? You probably do – it’s the most popular alcoholic beverage worldwide, and the third most popular drink overall (losing only to water and tea). Some studies even claim that beer was one of the most important factors in the development of civilized society. So, chances are, you like it.

So let us introduce Belgibeer, a Brussels based gifting company that is on a mission to provide you with the best of the best Belgian craft beers. Started in 2013 by school friends Dario Ceccarelli and Paul Pilavachi, the pair aim to bring craft beer to the masses, globally.

“Why do we do this?” exclaims Dario “We were tired of drinking the same beers when we went out and because the food and beverages industry here is a closed circuit,” he says. “It’s in the hands of big brewers who not only buy their own premises to sell their beer but also force whoever rents out the place to sell only their products.”

Now in it’s third year Belgibeer is a service made for beer lovers. The idea is simple: you enter the official website, choose a subscription (for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months), and done. Next thing you know, you’ll receive a box in your doorstep a few days later filled with eight bottles (four flavors) from the brewery of the month, beer mats and an exclusive magazine containing information about the brewery and the beers. You can add extras too, such as chocolates, sausage, waffles, glasses from Belgibeer or from the brewery, and many others things.

Promoting craft Belgian beer might sound like the best job in the world but the co-founders take a very personal approach to Belgi Beer. They visit every brewery in person and each Belgi Beer box is packed on-site by the staff a part of the process the company takes great pride in.

But the founders want to build more than just a gifting platform, Belgi Beer is about the community. Next month they launch their brand new website where beer fans can rate, comment and review their favourite beers and brewerys. And the best part? By doing so, they can gain points that you can later use to have discounts in our products.

As their UK Headquarters opens this month in London, the company are pleased to announce monthly beer-tasting events in venues across the city so keep an eye out and support your favourite Belgian Beer on its national holiday!

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