Never underestimate the power a compliment can have! Back in the 80's when Ray Patri was disrupting the fashion and music industry with his "Buffalo", notably Neneh Cherry and Culture Club, style he was presented a portfolio by a budding young model.

Impressed by the photography in the portfolio Petri asked who shot the pictures, the model replied - "Just a mate of mine, he's a builder" to which Petri replied, "No he's not he's a photographer"

Overwhelmed and inspired after hearing this story Craig Fordham immediately left his laboring job and set about following his passion as a photographer and Creative Director.

In the launch issue of Stories Magazine, we talk to Craig about some of the jobs he's done working with brands such as The White Company, Burberry, Lacoste and Lyle and Scott, the list goes on. If Petri hadn't had made that throwaway remark and commented on Craig's work Craig may never have been as inspired to follow his dream.

Hearing this story and others like it really helps inspire entrepreneurs to go after their dream, "Life's too short to be miserable. If you have a passion for something and you really love it enough it's pretty damn likely you can make a living out of it". says Steve Chew at Magnificent Stuff. It's always good to be reminded of how important compliments and being nice are.

Petri, sadly died of Aids in 1989

Stories is a self-published magazine by for members of Harlow and District Chamber of Commerce and supporters. For a copy of the 28-page magazine please contact Steve Chew on 07723024865

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