On January 3rd, Benny was lying on his couch in North London, drinking for the third day in a row for no purpose except for something to do. It was there that memories of drunken escapades were flooding back ‘Getting kicked out of clubs, several run-ins with police, black outs and other silly incidents’. Was 2016 set to be the same?

Enough was enough and he created the rules for The 101 Beer Tokens Challenge:

• The period runs from 1st January — 31st December (365 days)
• You have 101 ‘beer tokens’- Just under two tokens per week
• One sip of anything alcoholic uses a token.
• A whole night out with many drinks still only uses a token
• You must note every time you use a token on a calendar, accompanied by cash spent and yay or nay. I.e. Was it worth it or not?
• If you fail, you give a considerable sum of cash to your favourite charity
As of Wednesday 28th December, the results speak for themselves:

(See image in attached PR file - downloadable from link also included.)

With the support he received over the year from friends and family it gave him the idea to invite people to join him in 2017 and raise some cash on the way.

He’s just hit 50 people from round the world (Half from the UK), on his way to a target of 101.

For the charity donation he has teamed up with a friend who runs Do-Gooder fundraising website Here the sign-ups can put their money where their mouth is and aim for a cash target to go to charity.

If they go over the 101 limit they will pay the promise funds. If they stay under their supporters pay it, knowing they’ve not only contributed to a worthy cause but to a better person in 2017.

“We’re not stopping at 101 but if we can get these guys raising an average of £2.5k over the year we will have raised a quarter of a million for some worthy causes” says Wallington.

Benny’s experience working for a charitable crowdfunding company in London will allow him to share tips with his sign-ups to help them raise their targets. He also aims to throw some token parties, with several sponsors already keen to take part.

“It’s amazing to see the reaction so far and I can’t wait to attempt the challenge again with a crew. Sign ups have varying motivations for doing this and I believe as a community we can help each other achieve our goals, and of course raise some money for worthy charities.”
One of the first signups Sara Rickards, has promised to stay under the 101 or she will donate $10k (aus) to Sydney based Not for Profit Hello Sunday Morning.

To signup or learn more visit

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101 Beer Tokens was born out of social experiment (New Years Resolution) that I undertook for 2016. Off the back of people asking me to do it in 2017, I created

This year, as a collective, we aim to raise £250,000 for charity while improving our lives and consuming less alcohol in the process.

101 Beer Tokens - Drink less, Live more.