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Crosse HR

Bearing the Crosse of HR

05 October 2015 12:30


How Crosse HR Bears The Cross Of HR For Startups And Social Enterprises

Crosse HR is a growing force providing HR for hire to Startups, Social Enterprises and SMEs that can’t afford this vital but often expensive management function when delivered in-house.

A chance encounter in her local Tesco’s led Olga Crosse , just one of many despairing HR professionals in the heat of recession back in 2013 , to set up Olga Crosse HR, a boutique HR consultancy that is handholding and serving startups , social enterprises and SME through the labyrinth of HR functions they need to deliver to stay legal and successful.

Crosse PR provides search, recruitment, administrative contracts, handbooks, policies and procedure, restructures, HR employment law advice, training with all the other services small businesses need to tick off their HR function.

“Our clients gain years of experience, avoid padding out their overheads from HR costs, and the comfort of 24/7 access to our support and all for a fraction of what it would cost to hire Human Resources experts in house,” says Founder Olga Crosse.

With increasing amounts of regulation in employment, the risks associated with not having the HR function professionally managed can be huge and costly for small business. The impact of one rogue individual in a small company can be like a hand grenade. Says Olga: “we handle everything from the celebratory to the chaffing in HR, from maintaining staff morale to managing sensitive exits while protecting the reputational profile of the client”.

Crosse HR aims to increase its clients’ efficiency not only by its services but also by providing learning for development to the client management teams. As a thought leader and experienced practitioner in HR Olga gives clients access to the Crosse HR blog which provides a wealth of information on the latest trends developments and regulations which SME’s don’t have the time to research but need to stay abreast of.

Crosse HR is getting results for its clients. Says Olga “that first social enterprise that hired us has now more than doubled in size (starting with just under 40 staff and has now over 100), is winning bids and contracts all the time, and safeguarding and ensuring over 100 people have secure jobs at a time of harsh spending cuts in the industry.”


Notes to the Editor:

1. Press Requests for interview should be made to Olga Crosse Or by telephone to Tel: 0330 555 1139
2. Website Address: Crosse HR Website
Crosse HR Blog:

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Olga Crosse

Director and Owner

Tel: 0330 555 1139


About Crosse HR

Shrewd HR solutions

Honest, sensibly priced HR services for small and growing businesses that don't need a HR department.

At Crosse HR we’ve learnt that a great HR service should be geared to making your business work better, so you become more successful. It definitely shouldn’t hold you back.

Crosse HR offers sensibly priced HR solutions for every bit of your organisation, so you can stay focused on growth. That includes the strategic solutions you need as a leader of a growing organisation; responsive solutions because as an employer you need to get the people bit right; and operational solutions, so as a business you know you have the HR basics in place.

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