Prior to Father’s Day this Sunday there will be lots of news stories and features on social media on what makes a great dad. But let’s turn that on its head – how do you be a great kid and make your Dad’s day on a more regular basis?

Here are a few suggestions….
• Call your parents more often – they love to hear your news, more than you can possibly imagine. What might seem like small talk to you is fascinating news to them. Sure they can see what you are up to on Facebook, but this just can’t make up for a decent conversation.
Don’t fall into the trap of assuming they’ll call you, they don’t know when to catch you at a convenient time and won’t want to disturb you. It needn’t be a long call every time; best to be short and frequent than a long call once in a blue moon. Don’t forget to tell them how much you care about them before you finish, they will especially appreciate that.
• Don’t only contact them when you want something – especially money! They are your parents; they want to feel needed, but they also want to know that they have helped create independent people capable of looking after themselves. They shouldn’t need to continually worry about your problems or financial issues.
• Offer them help, more than once; they can take some persuading even if they need it! Parents often assume you’re too busy to help them and don’t like to impose. Think about how you could make things easier for them and push to do it. Maybe help with their home computer network; or help install some useful apps on their phone and take some time to show them how to use them. Do some of the more physical jobs that they might find tricky - get the ladder out and clear their guttering. A little help from you will go a long way in helping your parents feel loved.
• Invite them out to help celebrate with you; be that for a birthday or an achievement. They will want to be part of your special times. It also doesn’t have to be an occasion, just spend some time out and about together. Mums and Dads really enjoy a Sunday lunch with their family, even better if it’s in a country pub and there’s no washing up to do.
• Remember special days – birthdays, anniversaries and events like Father’s Day. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant present; just an appreciative message or a thoughtful token gift will suffice.
An unusual gift that they wouldn’t buy themselves can go down especially well. TrooGranola is a good option – they have a special Father’s Day Gift Pack giving a 2 month bi-weekly subscription of delicious fresh handmade granola and a delightful Father’s Day card delivered direct to your dad for only £19.99. The ultimate healthy and hassle free gift! Find out more at

Look at how you are treating your parents and ask yourself if this is the way you want your children to treat you when they're grown up. They are learning how by watching the way you treat your parents. It's a lesson they won't forget and this time you’ll be on the receiving end.

If you're not measuring up, it's not too late. You can make a change right now. Begin by planning a memorable Father’s Day this Sunday – go on, get cracking!!

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