Barenaturals is a new British brand receiving a lot of attention globally. The brand was conceived in 2012 and the concept tested and honed to create a loyal cult following on social media.

Unconventionally the founders Darcey Croft and David Bryans decided to grow the brand before the business, and maintained their careers, working as a Midwife and an Engineer, to nurture and test the concept of Barenaturals.

As a bootstrapped brand, the growing of over one hundred thousand followers through social media confirmed the need for more businesses powered by greater purpose. Business just like Barenaturals, who could engage social enterprise not just through business but also the customer could play a part and their actions would be responsible for greater good.

Barenaturals make the majority of their products as a micro enterprise from a workshop in their home. Rather than traditional routes of employment the founders choose to use freelancers to assist with many roles and use digital strategies employed by successful tech entrepreneurs to growth hack brand awareness.

Barenaturals was designed to create a positive feedback loop between consumer purchases, capitalism and saving the world.

They do this by creating products that directly support reforestation in areas of need. Places like Haiti, Madagascar and Nepal who have suffered devastating deforestation that in turn affects global environment, human and animal welfare.

In addition they support the education, training and employment of locals in that area so the reforestation will be managed and sustained for future generations.

This year sees the launch of two new candle lines and a new business model for schools and groups wishing to fundraise and save the world simultaneously. This will have anticipated and dramatic growth for the company during 2017.

Although Barenaturals is small it is a perfect micro business, for now. One day it will be shine a very bright light for British business and global social enterprise.

Together Barenaturals and their customers can reverse engineer the human need of consumerism to leave a wonderful legacy in this world. With every purchase from Barenaturals anyone can become a World Saving Superhero!

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About Barenaturals

A social enterprise UK brand, Barenaturals creates candles with a difference. For every candle they sell, ten trees are planted in areas of social and environmental hardship. Working with leading reforestation projects around the world Barenaturals is leading the positive impact movement of conscious consumerism.

Founded in 2012 by Darcey Croft, a London NHS midwife and David Bryans an engineer. Barenaturals was designed to create a positive feedback loop between consumer purchases, capitalism and saving the world.