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Bank Holiday weather infographic: Over 50 years of unpredictability

21 August 2015 08:45


With the August Bank Holiday upon us, history suggests it will be a close call on the weather front.

Different Money’s in-depth infographic spanning over five decades takes a trip down memory lane, going as far back as the swinging Sixties to discover weather trends across the August Bank Holidays.

Between 1960 and 2014, there have been 32 dry and 23 wet Bank Holiday weekends. The most infamous years – 1976, 1980 and 2012 – have brought a particularly unseasonal mixture of thunder storms, torrential rain and even ground frost.

This year marks a real game-changer, with the weather Gods having everything to play for. Reviewing the climate over the last decade, Different Money uncovered a 50/50 split in August Bank Holidays – five have brought glorious sunshine and equally, five have brought miserable downpours.

So it is all to play for in 2015; the decider. Will we be basking in beautiful sunshine or will our last long weekend of the summer be just another damp squib?

Managing Director of Different Money, Louise Sanders, adds: “You’ve got to hope that the Bank Holiday will at least be better than last year.

"2014 brought us the coldest August for 21 years, with recorded temperatures 3 degrees below the usual average and 20 hours less sunlight. Whilst we know that the British weather, like life, is often unpredictable, we are definitely due a change in fortunes.”

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Notes to the editor

The infographic was created using official Met Office data, spanning 1960 to 2014.

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