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Mistik Spa

Bamboo Towels: Luxury and Innovation

14 March 2014 10:00



Bamboo grows between 1 and 4 feet a day. After being harvested, a bamboo plant grows back entirely and can be harvested again every 3 to 4 years. The entire plant is never harvested, making bamboo towels better for the environment.


Bamboo towels have micro gaps between the fibers, allowing for much higher absorption. Bamboo towels can absorb up to four times more water than a standard cotton towel.


Bamboo towels last around 3 times longer than cotton towels. Bamboo towels are much stronger and so need to be replaced much less often, making them cheaper in the long run for our customers.


Our bamboo towels are fully biodegradable. You can compost them as they disintegrate directly into the earth.

Mistik Spa: Nature's Touch

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About Mistik Spa

Mistik Spa produces Natural Skincare and Beauty products for the health conscious, environmentally aware customer.

We have a range of therapeutic massaging and moisturising candles, made from natural ingredients and each with their own unique health benefits, and our own range of body care products. We also import and distribute natural gift sets.

All of our products are individually packaged and beautifully presented with all relevant health information, imparting the unique benefits of what we do.

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