Following tremendous success and growth with her industrious business Baby Moo’s, Anna-Lee Kewley, single mother and founder of the baby range Baby Moo’s, has increased her range to accommodate older children’s sizes.

Having previously won numerous awards for entrepreneurism, online marketing and children’s design and already endorsed by such celebrities such as Kirstie Allsopp and the late Peaches Geldof, Baby Moo’s designs are fresh, funky and full of character.
Kewley launched her website in 2010 with just £230, firstly stocking imported babywear from overseas. In 2012, she added her own creations under the brand Baby Moo’s and sales climbed sharply. Motivated to offer an alternative to “bland pinks and blues,” she branched out with items such as humorous bibs displaying messages such as “These fools put my cape on backwards.”

A great believer in developing autonomy and personality Anna said,“Parents like Baby Moo’s because they want baby’s clothes to reflect their personalities. Now mine have grown into toddlers, I love seeing them choose their outfits. So parents have less stress by choosing the kind of clothes kids want to wear!”

As well as being fashionable and functional, Anna’s designs are affordable, which is important to young parents. “Having started the business with a tiny £230, I pride myself on offering affordable and really cool clothes from newborns to age 5”, said Anna.

A renowned lover of live music, Anna has included punky designs derived from music culture. With a Sex Pistols inspired t-shirt and a Hendrix-esque top; parents can dress their children like their heroes, whilst making a statement about the child’s personality. Feedback on Anna’s site include, “My daughter’s not a princess. She doesn’t want to wear pink”, and “We want our children to dress as they want to”, which demonstrate that parents like the alternative look as much as their children do.

Anna has had to forego her love of live music to focus on her business, which has grown exponentially over the year, even seeing the first Baby Moo’s branch open in Bournemouth. Of this she said,”I love what I do, and I love knowing that other parents love my designs too. I want every child to have the confidence to dress as they wish, and for clothes to reflect attitude for babies and children as they do as adults”

To find out more about Anna or to view her exceptionally cool baby and kids range, please see the website at

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