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Babies’ nutrition suffers as working mum rate hits 90%

03 March 2015 10:06


Responding to the Office of National Statistics report that full time mothers are at an all time low with only 1 in 10 mothers now looking after their new born full time, mother of two Sukhvinder Javeed and founder of Milkysnugz warns that the long term effects on babies’ nutrition as a result are being underestimated.

‘There is very clear evidence that breast milk provides substantially better nutrition for babies in their early months, than formula milks can, yet the pressures on working mums mean that they either struggle to breast feed or simply choose formula milks for convenience,” comments Sukhvinder Javeed. “Being there, awake and ready when baby demands is simply not an option for many mums and there is a real risk that babies are missing out on the breast milk that is so good for their early development.”

Driven by her passion to take the babies’ side, Javeed has developed a "cuddly" comforter that picks up mums scent and insulates expressed breast milk long enough for baby to have one full feed. This technology allows a mother to express milk when it suits her, to be ready for the baby when it suits it. The comforter not only allows fathers to help with ‘breast feeding’, but can also be employed as a transitioning aid as the baby moves on to formula milks. The “cuddly” comforter is even there to be used as a water bottle holder at nursery where even the most critical nursery nurse won’t realise that the “comfort blanket” has been brought to school.

“Based on my own experience, I know the relief to mothers and babies from using Milkysnugz as a solution to ensuring good nutrition whilst recognising today’s working pressures,” says Javeed. Reassuring words from someone who has been there and understands.

Notes to Editors

The research was issued by the Office for National Statistics on 3 March and formed the headlines in the Daily Mail on 3 March with specific comment from Laura Perkins of Mothers at Home Matter stating that ‘It (The Government) has no interest in the wishes of mothers or the welfare of their children’.

Milkysnugz is a product developed and marketed by Sukhvinder Javeed, and distributed through major high street chains including Asda and Tesco.

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About Milkysnugz(TM)

Milkysnugz is a product designed by Sukhvinder Javeed as a response to her own experience in having issues with rest feeding her own baby.
Whilst on the one hand Milkysnugz is seen a s a cuddly toy by the baby, it provides a medical benefit to mothers in allowing expressed breast milk to be kept fresh, enabling fathers to help with feeding at unsociable hours, reieving stress and post natal depression from mothers.
It also enables the baby to transition from breast milk to formula milk.

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