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04 December 2014 10:02


Jeremy Stern is familiar with awards ceremonies – part of his job is to oversee the integrity of awards and Live TV show voting. That changed recently, with Jeremy on the other side of the curtain to collect the prestigious Great British Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Services Industry on behalf of his company, PromoVeritas.

Jeremy founded PromoVeritas in 2002 with the aim of ensuring the integrity and legal compliance of consumer promotions such as prize draws and competitions. The company has grown significantly in size and scale and now handles promotional work for some of the UK’s biggest brands – ASOS, American Express, HTC, Cadbury and Kellogg’s to name a few. In fact Jeremy reckons that PromoVeritas has given away over £40 million worth of prizes on behalf of its clients in the last 5 years.

Although still focused on consumer brands, it is no surprise that the company’s emphasis on legitimacy and accuracy led them to expand into broadcasting. So for the last five years they have overseen the voting for ITV’s National Television Awards as well as shows such as Strictly Come Dancing for the BBC and Britain’s Next Top Model for Sky. Their diligence and professionalism has ensured that they have become an established player behind the scenes of UK television.

The proud Managing Director of PromoVeritas laid the foundations for the company through his own experience working as European Promotions Director at Coca-Cola and Marketing Director at Sega Games amongst others. As he explains ‘these big brands put all their time and effort into the front end of a promotion, mainly the creative idea and adverts, and in most cases the ‘back end’ is ignored or badly managed; amateur at best, totally non-compliance at worst’. He stresses, however, ‘that this was often not intentional, it was just that either they didn’t know the rules or didn’t know how to easily comply with them’.

From this need, Jeremy conceived of the idea of PromoVeritas – the independent promotional verification service that would draft quality terms & conditions and then pick the winners of prize draws fairly and independently or judge competitions properly. Now the company provides its clients with an easy way to run campaigns without breaking the rules in both the UK and increasingly overseas. With last week’s Great British Entrepreneur Award now on display in the Boardroom, and a brilliant and passionate team in place, the company is set to deliver its promise of helping promoters to sleep at night to many more clients in the future !

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