Simon joins Atheon Analytics from Mars UK and will be assisting SKUtrak Product Manager Ed Crawford in nurturing SKUtrak’s leading FMCG supplier base as it doubles in size.

Simon Bailey joins Atheon Analytics in the new role of SKUtrak Client Manager from 1st January. Simon is the 8th sector expert to join Atheon Analytics in the past 12 months as the expansion of SKUtrak continues at pace.

Simon has nearly a decade of grocery analytics experience across Molson Coors and most recently Mars. His last 4 years have been as a Sales Development Analyst at Mars, performing detailed analysis to fund the progress of internal teams and their retailer counterparts.
Simon’s challenge at Mars was turning multiple data sources and vast pools of information into a coherent story which not only reported on trading performance, but gave its recipients actionable opportunities for improvement. He achieved this with just his intimate knowledge of Excel and an ungodly amount of time and patience.

SKUtrak Product Manager Ed Crawford said “Simon was already experiencing many of the issues which plagued suppliers before SKUtrak’s invention. He was ‘getting by’ with just the rudimentary tools available to him and so many other suppliers when trying to influence their trading performance. It is going to be a pleasure working with him to promote the right tool for the job; SKUtrak”
In his new role Simon will leave behind the information overload to the trusted and automated capabilities of SKUtrak, and instead focus his talents on assisting suppliers and their end-users in getting the most out of their subscriptions to SKUtrak’s Premium products; Explorer and Period End Reports.

As Client Manager Simon will be responsible for the development of flow-of-goods analysis, interpretation, and execution across account management and supply chain teams in the rapidly growing SKUtrak Premium client base. He will also be managing the SKUtrak customer feedback program; contributing direct user feedback into the continued improvement of SKUtrak. Many of these improvements will revolve around some of the key technologies that Atheon Analytics uses to enable the unique capabilities of SKUtrak, including EXASOL & Tableau Software.

Simon is the ideal candidate with the proven experience in empowering Account Managers, Supply Chain professionals and Field Sales teams with a rich understanding of performance through the effective use of retailer data. This experience will be invaluable when working with the thousand plus retail professionals who regularly access SKUtrak.

Simon said “I’m joining Atheon because the opportunity to help suppliers use the vast amount of available retailer data via SKUtrak is really exciting. Rather than spending time manipulating the data into usable formats, supplier personnel from Account Managers through to Supply Chain can concentrate on the ‘value added’ both to their business and that of the retailer”.

Managing Director, Guy Cuthbert commented, “We welcome Simon to this new role, it’s an exciting time in the life of SKUtrak; we have always been committed to making flow-of-goods analysis available to all UK FMCG suppliers through SKUtrak Free products. With Simon as SKUtrak Client Manager we are increasing our commitment to develop the analytical skills across our SKUtrak Premium customers – key to building the best supplier-retailer relationships possible.”

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