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Atheon Analytics is extending the experience and capability of its management team to help manage record growth. Nick brings 20 years of senior retail and retail analytics experience gained at industry leaders Tesco and Dunnhumby.

Nick Ross-Gower joins Atheon Analytics in the new role of Chief Operating Officer from February 1st.

Nick spent 9 years in the commercial division of Tesco before progressing to the Tesco team at Dunnhumby. In the following 10 years he held the positions of Commercial Director, Head of Global Business Units, and Head of Europe. Nick's challenge at Dunnhumby was not only to improve the existing understanding of large multi-national FMCG suppliers and retailers, but to counter their ingrained customer perceptions with industry best practice and fact-based data analysis.

Nick’s most recent role within Dunnhumby was Head of New Business Sales – winning business with its first new UK retailer client in 9 years and the first German retailer ever. Atheon already works with many of the top UK Grocers, and Nick’s experience in working with these and other leading retailers at the highest level will ensure Atheon Analytics remains at the forefront of the trade relationship revolution.

Ian Hall, Commercial Director, said “2016 was another great year for Atheon; record customer growth has driven the need for a bigger team - now 22-strong - and our third office upgrade in four years. The business has demanding growth plans for 2017; our SKUtrak platform now serves over 1,000 FMCG users from over 400 businesses, and we are looking to push well beyond this. Nick’s appointment brings significant additional expertise and leadership; he comes with a wealth of experience in the application of analytics to retail data, and a proven track record in growing new business and leading large teams.”

Nick commented “I’m joining Atheon because it has a fantastic blend of passion and pragmatism in the use of data analytics that ensures our clients can benefit truly from working with us. Over the past 20 years I have repeatedly seen retailers and FMCG manufacturers cry out for simple but brilliant insights that they can actually action, from the vast array of bewildering data available to them; it's not about big data it's about the best application of the right data. Atheon humanises the right data which enables the correct decisions in collaboration with retailers and manufacturers (large and small) with both bespoke consultancy and easy to use tools such as SKUtrak. Coupled with this, the warmth, intelligence, and incisiveness of the team has inspired me to want to be part of the next chapter in Atheon's history.”

Guy Cuthbert, Managing Director, said “We’re delighted to be welcoming Nick to Atheon Analytics; his experience, vision and energy will help us expand our mission to humanise data in the retail sector, through both our retail analytics consulting services and SKUtrak - the UK’s leading flow-of-goods tracker for FMCG suppliers.”

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About Atheon Analytics Ltd

We created Atheon Analytics to spark a revolution. We want to liberate businesses from the forest of data surrounding the insights they need to make decisions – revealing the patterns among the numbers, and unlocking understanding that everyone in the business can use.

Businesses have a world of information about what they sell, where, when, how and to whom. But the data is too large and complex for the human brain to process. And statistical models and 'business intelligence' applications feed you numbers without helping you explore, compare, segment, interact…

Atheon Analytics uses visual analytics to break down the barriers between you and your data – unlocking its full value by allowing every person in your business to instantly see, understand and act on the patterns that lie within it.

Our philosophy is to humanise data: it’s a commercial imperative, not a technical challenge.