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Are you skin cancer aware? Multi award winning electronic skincare technology no

28 May 2015 14:30


After 26 years in development by an Australian company, Healthronics Sunsafe Pty Ltd, their range of U-B-Safe products are now being available in the UK, with the assistance of Copernicus International Consulting, and can be purchased on-line and from approved UK sales outlets.
U-B-Safe is a wearable automatic U/V alarm monitor, and uses solar powered technology and a special u/v B sensor to help people avoid overexposure to the sun which causes wrinkling, sunburn, and skin cancer.
It is also the only miniaturised wearable device in the world that is designed to allow the wearer to obtain their daily vitamin D from the sun which is essential for maintaining optimum health..
U-B-Safe also warns when sun cream has mistakenly not been applied on some skin areas which could cause serious skin damage.
According to Cancer Research UK, malignant melanoma was the 5th most common cause of cancer in the UK last year, highlighting the need for U-B-Safe monitors in the UK. It can take 25 years before the damage over exposure to the sun causes manifests itself and a serious problem is identified, a real issue for those of us in cooler climates suddenly finding ourselves on holiday with blue skies and an unfamiliar yellow sphere radiating down on us.
What are U-B-Safe monitors?
The development of U-B-Safe was the result of a rare collaboration between a team of dermatologists and electronic engineers to produce a wearable u/v skin alarm that, unlike sunscreen, takes into account the wearer’s individual skin type, angle to the sun and the u/v intensity. The product is compact, solar powered, automatic, water resistant, and easy to use.

Tony Pearson, Managing Director of Healthtronics Sunsafe, commented “It made sense to develop and launch and test the U-B-Safe products in Australia before launching in other parts of the world because of the Australian climate.
However, with cases of skin cancer and Vitamin D deficiency becoming more common in the UK, and being worse in total numbers than in Australia, we felt that it was time to offer another method to support sunscreen, which, although essential to wear, isn’t a fool proof way to avoid skin damage and over exposure to the sun.
Sun creams can’t tell you when they are no longer effective, can’t tell you when your skin has had enough sun, don’t know your particular skins sensitivity to the present u/v, can’t help you get your vitamin D from the sun. Can’t help with unprotected skin. U-B-safe can do all these” Tony said.
Tony went on to say, “The U-B-Safes are able to be set to the specific skin type of each individual user, and operate automatically according to different UV conditions. A tune plays when the UV dose for your particular skin is reached, letting you know that it’s time to apply sunscreen or get out of the sun.”

U-B-Safe has already received a number of high profile awards, including The Australian Design Award, The New Inventors Award, and The People’s Choice Award, and is being used in Australia by the Australian National University jointly with the Cancer Council for their Vitamin D studies.

Managing sun exposure
Sunscreen is the most common way to prevent damage from UV Rays, however, when wearing sunscreen we can often overestimate its effectiveness over time, because the intensity of the u/v is unknown so we frequently don’t reapply sunscreen often enough to protect effectively. Sunscreen also prevents the production of Vitamin D which can be detrimental to our health.
Professor Rebecca S Mason, Head of Physiology and Deputy Director of the Bosh Institute for Medical Research, University of Sydney, commented, “Vitamin D is important for optimal bone and muscle function and may protect against a range of diseases. A device that helps people maintain a balance between too little and too much sun exposure, is likely to be very useful.”
U-B-Safe allows its wearer to take advantage of the natural Vitamin D that is produced when out in the sun, but provides a warning system when the optimum skin sensitivity level is reached. If the wearer heeds the warning and gets out of the sun, the likelihood of suffering from the health problems caused by too much sun exposure are greatly reduced.

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