When it comes to interacting with technology, we have all been on a long journey.

The journey started several decades ago, as far back as 1946 in fact with Teletype and ENIAC computer cards followed in spectacularly slow fashion in 1964 with a keyboard from M.I.T. By the 1970's Apple, Radio Shack and Commodore had all jumped in and had begun manufacturing keyboards for their computers and in 1986 IBM finally released their first PC equipped with a keyboard, the Model M, and before long we had all started banging away.

Since those early days we have used the mouse in various forms and more recently used touch screens albeit with varying degrees of success depending on how big your thumbs are.

A few years ago, large technology manufacturers focused on voice as a supplemental interface and the result of this is now all around us in the form of Siri and other such human like voice interfaces. Indeed, instead of typing into the search bar we are widely expected to be using voice for over 50% of our internet searches within 5 years.

But, what about 10 years from today or even 15 years away, where will we end up? Well - on the 28th June we have someone joining us at the #IoTDinner in London who thinks he knows having recently had an operation to implant an RFID NFC chip into his hand.

In its current form this should enable the person in question to carry out basic tasks such as operating door locks and other such security systems as well as more complex tasks such as using contactless payment systems on the London Underground, all with the swipe of a hand - with a little simple coding it can also carry information such as blood type, known allergies and or social security information.

With some thought and a little more nano-technology, could this actually become the chosen interface for the next generation who will wonder why we walked around with those phone things?

If you would like to see this version of the future of the User Interface up close and personal including a keynote speech from Samsung, a demonstration of a prototype Amazon Echo and finishing off with a human (including his implant) then join the Digital Entrepreneur #IoTDinner on the 28th June 2016 from 7pm in London - if you are interested then you can use the link below for further details.

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