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Anti-Brexit Postcard Campaign UPDATE ( #StopBrexitPostcard)

02 September 2016 05:30



2nd September 2016 – Press release – for immediate release.

Media information: Frederika Roberts (

#StopBrexitPostcard Campaign (Update)

Royal Mail might want to employ a few extra posties to deliver the post to number 10 Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament today. Campaign group 'the 48% and beyond' estimates that thousands of postcards will thud onto the doormat of Britian's Prime Minister, Theresa May. Picturing the European flag on the front, campaigners wrote personal messages to Theresa May on the back, to explain why remaining in the EU matters to them, and sent their cards to arrive today, just before MPs return from their summer recess, and prior to the scheduled debate on a 2nd EU referendum on Monday 5th September.

Nascent campaign group 'The 48% and beyond' emerged in the wake of the EU referendum, to represent the 48% of people who voted to remain in the European Union. The Facebook based group describes itself as not affiliated to any political party, and its growing membership (which currently stands at close to 46,000) aims to put pressure on the government to retain the UK's membership of the European Union. “We hope that this postcard campaign will show the government that a large and growing number of people – UK voters and EU citizens living in the UK – are very worried about the impact of a potential ‘Brexit’, and are not prepared to give up,” says Frederika Roberts, who has been coordinating the campaign.

In addition to sending a postcard to Theresa May, participants also sent postcards to their respective MPs, again with a similar message. And, to mark the campaign, participants will all be changing their social media profile pictures to an EU flag on Monday 5th September.

A concurrent crowdfunded postcard campaign organised by ‘Keep us in the EU’ raised more than double its initial target, and sent two pro-EU postcards to every MP in the country. “Months after the EU Referendum, it is clearer than ever that there is no plan for ‘Brexit’ and that pushing ahead would be disastrous for the UK. I set up this campaign to allow the voices of the ‘48% and beyond’ who feel this way to be heard,” says Glenn Wilkinson of ‘Keep us in the EU’.


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Website for the Postcard Campaign:

The Facebook link to the Postcard Campaign event can be found here

'The 48% and beyond' can be found here

Keep us in the EU Crowdfunder page:

Keep us in the EU Facebook page:

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Download as PDF | Report this press release

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