Last year on 'Black Friday' Board Sports retailer TVSC shut up shop for the day and encouraged its customers to get out and get active. They asked their customers to not spend the day scouring the internet for discounts but instead use the time to try something new, get out on their board, or simply spend some time with family.

This year, on November 25th, TVSC, who specialise in selling UK surf, skate and snow brands, will be going one step further:

They are paying people to NOT shop with them.

On Black Friday 2016, they will be offering vouchers to anyone who visits their online store, completely free. The only catch is that they must be spent on another day, and they ask that you then close down your internet and go surf, skate, or snowboard, run, climb or walk.

This move continues the TVSC Anti-Black Friday stance, started in their office last year. As part of the TVSC Anti-Black Friday campaign in 2015, Managing Director Paul Vale said they wouldn't take part in what he called "a really ugly side of retail", and that instead they would be "going to go for a surf if there's a wave, a skate if its not raining or a shred at the snow centre if the weather isn't playing ball on any of those fronts"

He continued "We're hoping to encourage people to go and explore, do something they haven't been able to do for a while, or kick back and relax. Surely getting out for a skate, going for a walk, or spending some quality time with your family is better than queuing at 4am and having to wrestle 7 other people for 20% off a 40 inch television?

We have a great relationship with all of our suppliers and we know how hard they work to get their amazing products out to you. We feel it would be quite insulting to them for us to go cutting 50, 60 or 70% off their prices. We promote a more sustainable form of consumerism and hope people only buy when they need to, and not just because a product is reduced in a ridiculous, frenzied one day sale"

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