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Antaris Solar Germany Sign Exclusive UK National Distribution Agreement with Solar Electricity Systems in Glasgow

11 December 2015 20:00


Antaris Solar Germany and Glasgow based Solar Electricity Systems are delighted to announce that an agreement has been signed, between the two companies, which makes Solar Electricity Systems the exclusive UK distributor for Antaris Solar PV panels.

The two companies have already worked consistently together for over four years. Solar Electricity Systems have so far installed Antaris Solar panels at over 9500 homes in Britain and were one of the first companies to introduce the black mono panel to the UK market.

The agreement means that Solar Electricity Systems will also supply Antaris Solar quality panels to other installers at trade prices.

Announcing the news, Andrew Moore, CEO of Antaris Solar's global distributor recruitment partner, Global PV Sales Ltd, welcomed the news as another confirmation of the confidence each company has in each other and in the long term solar market in the UK. Both companies are here to stay and have a proven track record of consistency in the delivery of quality solar PV installations across Britain.

Jim Kirkland, Managing Director of Solar Electricity Systems, added that the partnership will bring both companies the opportunity to grow market share in the UK because both are well positioned to ride out the proposed FIT cuts by providing innovative energy saving products and services nationally.

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