Cystitis is one of the most common and unpleasant problems women face, and the antibiotics provided to treat them aren't much better; wreaking havoc on everything from the gut to thrush. While natural alternatives like cranberry juice are already well-known these "cures" often do as much harm as good due to their acidic and highly sugary natures which provide a fertile breeding ground for the cystitis-causing E-Coli bacteria.

The founder of Pure and Me Ltd, Jane Rees, dealt with chronic cystitis and then kidney infections for a long period. On a mission and desperate to end her suffering, caused by both the infections and the after-effects of the very strong antibiotics, she began investigating alternatives and found a sugar called D-Mannose, a food supplement. She felt immediate relief and has never taken antibiotics since. There have been encouraging scientific studies on the effects of D-Mannose, it is thought that the sugar bonds to the bacteria E-Coli which are strongly attracted to it - allowing the E-Coli to be harmlessly flushed out of the body. Many friends, family and her own GP started recommending D-Mannose and Jane to help others. Almost by accident the business started. D-Mannose products, powder and tablets are now sold on their website

Pure and Me Ltd's primary concern is the wellbeing of its clients, which is why they source their product only from within the EU, letting them take advantage of its stringent quality controls. They also provide a number of alkaline and immune boosting recipes on their website to help the body heal and reach optimal health. As their company spokeswoman says "Pure and Me Ltd. wants to help you take control of your health and your body through promoting its natural healing abilities, of which taking D-Mannose is only one part."

Other product launches are planned with colloidal silver next, all products sold are made from the highest quality ingredients. All are formulated from the founder's knowledge and experience with her own health issues.

Today the founder Jane is busy fulfilling orders and researching new products. Early on when she first started selling, the decision was made to give a proportion of the company's profits each year to charities and fulfil Pure and Me's ethos of giving back. This fits with other businesses, Jane has long admired, such as Tom's shoes, Innocent drinks and Viridian Nutrition.

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My Story
I have always had a keen interest in health and natural healing, qualifying first as an aromatherapist, and then as an acupuncturist. After a period of ill health I suffered constant kidney and bladder infections, urinary tract infections (UTIs). Regular visits to my GP and specialists only resulted in the prescription of stronger and stronger doses of antibiotics, which ultimately led to horrible side effects, forcing me to look for an alternative treatment.
After a lot of research I discovered d-mannose, a glyco-nutrient (rare sugar), derived from crops and plants. Small amounts of d-mannose are present in cranberries, other fruits, and shrubs.

Over 90% of bladder infections are caused by E Coli a bacteria which normally lives harmlessly in our gut. However, if E Coli is exposed to the bladder wall, it causes infection. D-Mannose does not digest so is present in your urine, and it is thought to work by powerfully attracting E Coli away from the bladder wall, so it is gently flushed away, when you next pass water.

I started taking d-Mannose on a regular basis and noticed a significant improvement. Both my GP and consultant were surprised and intrigued when I was able to come off the antibiotics. My GP subsequently recommended it to other patients suffering from cystitis. Fortunately now I am symptom free and only take d-Mannose if I feel an infection coming on.
Ruth Pretty, a highly qualified and experienced nutritionist did a great job in helping me overcome the effects of all the antibiotics I had taken and regain my previous good health and energy levels. A major part of this was working on boosting my immune system and overhauling my diet away from acidic foods and including more alkaline foods such as vegetables and grains. I am delighted that Ruth is going to post regular articles on the site. She has a private practice in Worcester and regularly appears on local radio.
Friends who knew how I had suffered, started to recommend friends to me so they could ask my advice on bladder health. Soon I had people ringing me that I did not know, asking for help. It has been a long mission to find a reputable supplier of pure d-mannose, specifically I wanted a product that was manufactured in the EU. The company was set up with a clear intention to help others and to give back a proportion of the profits each year to different charities.