StrongHer is the brainchild of two women in the fitness world with more than a decade of combined experience. They realised that something was missing for the women they were training - that every fitness journey is so much more than just lifting weights and watching what you eat.. The result? StrongHer. Amazing, fun workouts, but MORE importantly a COMMUNITY for women by women. A place of NO JUDGEMENT, to CELEBRATE each other’s achievements and SUPPORT each other, no matter where you are on your journey. It’s not about competition, it’s about lifting up your fellow sister, and by doing so you lift yourself up: We are StrongHer together.

Emily Shannon “I really enjoy the classes that Sam and Lyanne put on, it's a lot of fun and positive vibes, really good classes to help you be motivated and improve confidence!”

Emma Marshall “This is such an amazing company! They are supportive and caring people. I wanted to learn how to deadlift and after the barbell class I went into the gym confident on what to do”

Erin Burns “Best instructors great class really pushes you! Already starting to feel more confident using weights and the best group of ladies you'll find in any class so supportive”

With that in mind Lyanne and Sam have created the ULTIMATE STRENGTH & WELLBEING WEEKEND.

2 Days

8 Hours

1 million laughs

Amazing, guest speakers
*Nicola Feustal on body positivity and combating eating disorders
*Andrea Corbett (IFBB pro) on how Training improves mental health

To help you answer questions like: How do you lift correctly?

How can I design my own programme?

There is sooo much information out there - What should I eat??

Let fitness enhance your life instead of becoming your life

Heal your relationship with food and learn to love your body

Eat and exercise in a way you enjoy so you can sustain it for a lifetime

Date: September 30th & 1st October
Venue: Jubilee Hall, Covent Garden
September 29th: Press Launch
September 30th - October 1st: Ultimate Weekend

About StrongHer
StrongHer is a WOMEN only fitness and nutrition brand that's mission is to educate and empower every woman from every background in resistance training, nutrition and positive wellbeing.
Providing accessible online content, regular classes and tutorial workshops in a honest, fun and relatable manner. for information or

Lyanne, Co Founder & Head of Marketing within Strongher is a loud ex professional dancer and former UKBFF competitor that has been training women for over 4 years. Teaching them that you have to fail to succeed.
Sam, Co Founder & Head of Operations & Finance within StrongHer is a also an ex professional dancer that has been training women for 4 years, Teaching them that food is to be loved and not loathed.

Press Contact:

Name: Lyanne Hodson

Number: 07540337779


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About StrongHer Women Ltd

StrongHer Women LTD launched in January this year: a women only fitness and nutrition brand whose mission it is to educate and empower every woman, from all backgrounds and cultures in fitness nutrition and wellbeing, Through regular accessible classes, events, workshops, and distribution of online content as well as being featured in Byrdie and guest presenting for Sweat & Sound plus much more... we offer a supportive, no judgement, all inclusive community where women can grow in self confidence and self worth learning to view themselves positively and lift the spirits of fellow women.

Founders Lyanne and Sam, best friends for the last 4 years both came from professional dance backgrounds, and different personal body and health issues, however as their friendship developed and they attacked countless fad diets and ridiculous gym regimes together they decided that they would together become Personal trainers so they could learn for themselves .
Once within the Fitness industry they soon realised there was mass conflict in information available and alot of it wasn't true and some times boring!
Having both trained predominantly women since qualifying and noticing the severe lack of women weight training, the complete jumble that surrounded nutrition and that women didnt know how to enjoy fitness they decided to combine forces to provide a community where women didn't feel ashamed to ask questions, learn the benefits of resistance training and how it can shift there mindset and outlook at many of life's challenges...behold StrongHer was born, a place where modern women warriors are made!