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Step It Up Dance Ltd.

All ages can fight obesity through dance

11 January 2016 11:00


Unless you've been hiding in a cupboard eating doughnuts for the past few years, you will be aware that obesity is a national problem and is growing across all age groups within the UK. The reasons behind this vary from increasing poverty to 'hidden' sugar in food and drink to the busy, hectic lives we all lead leaving little time for exercise. Today is the first day of National Obesity Week, a national event created to improve the nation's health, so we are asking just what we can do?

There's no denying that a shift in health requires a change in attitude and priorities. It's far, far easier to start young and form habits early so parents are understandably keen to get their little ones active and eating well as early as possible. Yet throw in those busy lives, exacerbated by the arrival of children, and it's not an easy battle.

As well as finding the time, taking that first step is also one of the hardest things to do. Something that is key to getting more active, more often is finding something that you enjoy. Step It Up Dance have a solution for busy parents, in the form of their weekly Family Hip Hop classes. These classes are Parent & Child classes, so involve full participation by adults and children and guess what? They're great fun! While some parents might be nervous about dancing in public (any 'Dad Dancers' out there?), generally people are far more willing to risk making a fool of themselves for their children and in fact, the classes are welcoming and structured to appeal to all ages. Not only that, but these classes are also a great workout. You will move around in new ways, often weight bearing as you dance with your child and you will both enjoy a rest afterwards once all that energy has been burnt off.

The new term of Step It Up Dance classes starts this week in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife and East Lothian so grab your little one, grab your dancing shoes and get involved!

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