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Sublime Science

Alistair McGowan is Brian Cox as Fun Science Expert is National Awards Finalist

25 September 2014 23:52


Director of Sublime Science, Marc Wileman, 29, was recognised as a Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist for his work making science fun for primary school children at the prestigious National Entrepreneur Awards at Birmingham’s ICC on Saturday.

UK’s top satirical impressionist Alistair McGowan, hosted the award ceremony and said:
"Finalists in Young Entrepreneur Of the Year are the future of business in the UK. They are young, they are hungry, and they are passionate and they are bursting with talent and ideas"
It was almost as if Brian Cox was in the building as the impressionist went on:

"Marc is a man to make professor Brian Cox happy. Since this winning this award last year Marc has continued to grow is science party business, Sublime Science, and pursue his mission to make science fun for kids through science parties, school visits and corporate events. Well done Marc!"

Sublime Science has produced stage shows for The National Science Museum, has featured on the BBC, ITV and in the Telegraph and is the most popular kids party in the UK, having collected 974 glowing reviews and has even received recognition from No 10 Downing Street.
Marc has also published a five star reviewed book on Amazon, Don’t Eat Your Slime, packed full of science experiments that children can do at home with stuff they've already got.

Speaking about the award, Marc said:

“To receive national recognition as a finalist is just incredible and to hear the cofounder of Apple, the biggest company on Earth talk about how important it is to motivate students to learn is music to my ears"

“It's only going to inspire me and the Sublime Science team to do even more to allow children to discover how awesome science can be"


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About Sublime Science

Making sweets and slime as science experiments from the Beaches of Sydney right through to the Australian Bush (in a pickup truck no less!) was the 'slightly' unusual inspiration for Sublime Science!

After 'Mad Marc' (Wileman) had been a Professional Science Communicator (maker of slime & launcher of rockets!) across the UK, Canada and Australia & been a 'real' teacher in a school in Nottingham... inspiration struck. Why not pick out all the best, most fun, most exciting science experiments learnt over the years, all over the world, and put them all together...Sublime Science was born!

Marc has produced stage shows at the National Science Museum, been featured in the BBC, ITV & Telegraph, published a 5 star reviewed book - 'Don't Eat Your Slime' and has even received congratulatory praise from No. 10 Downing Street.

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