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01 June 2016 19:00

UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 06 June 2016 10:00

Alfred Smart Home announces new name, design and features

London, 6th June 2016 - Alfred Smart Home, one of Europe's leading IoT start-ups is set to release an enhanced product and full rebrand. Working closely with the UK's Microsoft Ventures, John Lewis and PwC's Incubus over the past year, the Alfred team have been developing features resulting in this new user-centred app called Gideon AI.

The free app, which allows users to control multiple smart devices from multiple brands, will be available on the Apple Store and Google Play from June 6th, 2016.

This new product replaces and transforms the concept of Alfred, the digital butler, into a more sophisticated home intelligence solution which learns from users' behaviours, predicting needs and scenarios and ultimately saving them time and money.

'“Alfred has grown from being a digital butler into Gideon AI, the smartest home intelligence solution,” said Marco Matera co-founder and CCO. “Today we’re proud to announce our rebranding that means a new name, new logo, new design and more features created on the back of feedback from Alfred's users. "

''In the last few months we've worked hard to understand what's the real need for the market. We've analysed the data and understood there's a much bigger gap that needs to be filled and the problem that we solve for the consumers is just a small part of a much bigger context. We've therefore decided to expand from a smart home app to an open platform that can work as an operating system for any IoT device."

Gideon includes an advanced level of artificial intelligence that learns about the user’s preferences, predicts their needs and can act on their behalf. Gideon helps users to manage smarter than ever their multi-brand connected devices. A market, which according to Gartner's Report on IoT is forecast to explode to 21 billion global devices in 2020. Gideon not only creates a smart home, it allows users to reduce energy waste and bills and create an intelligent home by helping them to improve the quality and management of their environment.
Co-founder and CEO Michele Galli said: "After integrating with the major brands we now want to extend the compatibility and act like a universal remote for the IoT devices, releasing APIs to integrate with Gideon. We don't want the home to be connected - we want the user to be connected. When this happens the user will finally be in control and their house will communicate with the office, the car and their family, creating the ultimate seamless experience."
The smart products that can be integrated and controlled through Gideon include the following categories: security cameras, lighting, heating/cooling systems, entertainment, electrical appliances, windows, gates, curtains, pet care and baby monitors. Additional features include sharing the smart devices’ control with housemates or family members and creating the automation of common scenarios such as leaving and coming home, going to bed and waking up. Phone alert notifications also inform on activities from security breaches such as doors or windows being opened to preparing your coffee machine in the morning.
Gideon is already compatible with these manufacturers: Panasonic, Sonos, Philips, Nest, Sony, Insteon, Wifiplug, Motorola, Honeywell, Belkin, Lifx and MyFox
The Gideon team are now working with the Seamless Consortium accelerator programme in Michigan, developing partnership and investor relations with the likes of Amway, Steelcase and Faurecia.
In May Alfred was also named as one of the 'hottest' IoT start-up businesses in Europe by ranking in the top 10 of its top 50 list.

Gideon’s founders are:
Michelle Galli, CEO
Nicola Russo, CTO
Marco Matera, CCO
Silvia Di Nardo, Head of Backend Development
Adam Lamkharbech, CDO
Lorenzo Perniciaro, Visual Designer

For more information visit

Please contact Marco for further media enquiries:
Mobile: +447927283303
Twitter: @realmarcomatera

Gideon is a BrainDrain Solutions Limited product. A company registered in England and Wales.
Company number 9443773.

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