28th January 2018, If there is one topic that has dominated British news headlines in recent months, it is Brexit. This should come as little surprise when you take the time to think about it. A highly divisive decision – one that split opinion almost down the middle – it is a move that will affect us all, and lots of British businesses are already feeling its effects.

AJ’s Taxis is a prime example. A small taxi firm, their staff roster is made up of around 20% European Union native employees, which they claim could have a significant impact on the running of their business, especially in the event of a hard Brexit.

They are not the only firm to have voiced such concerns. It is no secret that many employed in the industry are migrant workers, and because of this, they are largely reliant upon the continuation of relaxed immigration rules. Should these no longer exist, many such businesses may find that some of their best workers face the consequences and that the future pool they employ from is much more limited than it has previously been.

As a company spokesman explained: "Over 20% of our workforce hails from the EU, and they make a massive contribution to our business."

"If their ability to continue in their existing roles is curtailed – whether they work as a taxi driver or a phone operative - it is a British company that will struggle, when the one goal all voters had was surely to help domestic enterprises like our own to succeed."

This is a point upon which we all agree: whether or not you voted for Brexit, everyone who posted their slip of paper in the ballot box assuredly wanted to see our economy strengthen and our home-grown businesses prosper. If a hard Brexit cannot support such ambitions, then is it really the right choice for our country moving forwards?

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