Failed orders due to bad data cost UK companies millions of pounds every year. There are thousands and thousands of product identifiers for all types of products and services across the global supply chain. In a digital marketplace, buyers need to correctly identify suppliers and product part numbers to successfully purchase an item. Incorrect product numbers and incomplete supplier information cause orders to fail, costing businesses both time and money. The business challenge, and the opportunity, is to streamline the order process and eliminate these errors.

The international standards ISO 22745 and ISO 8000 are designed to eliminate these data errors, improve data sharing across the supply chain and streamline procurement, operation and maintenance processes.

Two innovative UK companies based on the South Coast – A&I Technology and KOIOS Master Data – have formed an unique partnership to help UK and US manufacturers and distributors in the defence and aerospace industries to adopt these international standards, streamline their operations and eliminate unnecessary costs.

A&I Technology provide integrated logistics support services, training, and technical publications in accordance with a wide variety of international standards to a prestigious international client base. Whilst KOIOS Master Data complements this by providing the cloud-based software that enables manufacturers and distributors to create their ISO 22745 compliant open technical dictionary, and publish their ISO 8000 compliant product specifications digitally and in multiple languages.

By forming this partnership A&I Technology and KOIOS Master Data together can bring a one-stop shop ISO 22745 and ISO 8000 compliance service to manufacturers and distributors and enable them to streamline their procurement, operation and maintenance processes. Not only that, more and more industries, and even the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are starting to demand compliance to these standards, and therefore greater opportunities to sell and market their products will result.

“We have a strong heritage of standards-driven integrated logistics support services (ILS) work at A&I Technology. By partnering with KOIOS Master Data we are able to build upon that heritage and support our client base to adopt ISO 22745 and ISO 8000, and reap the significant benefits of doing so,” said Dave Davenport, CEO of A&I Technology. “Our relationship with KOIOS Master Data will allow us to bring a wide array of exciting new support services, technical publications and training courses to our valued client base.”

Simon Towner, Chief Executive Officer of KOIOS Master Data added “This is exciting new partnership between two innovative and forward-thinking companies that are passionate about improving data quality throughout the supply chain. By joining forces we can collectively enable any organisation operating in the defense and aerospace industries to become fully compliant with the ISO 22745 and 8000 standards”

About A&I Technology Limited
A&I Technology Limited (A&I) is a UK based company with considerable expertise and experience in providing integrated logistics support solutions, specialising in the areas of technical publications, training services, logistics support analysis and safety management. Clients include the UK Ministry of Defence, the US Department of Defence, and a diverse range of UK and European commercial companies. A&I pride themselves on the quality of service they provide, looking to develop long-term customer relationships based on mutual trust and understanding. By focusing on the individual needs of their clients, they are able to plan solutions which are both pragmatic and cost-effective, and which meet specific requirements without incurring unnecessary effort or expense.

Dave Davenport, Chief Executive Officer for A&I Technology Limited
+44 (0)14 8956 4690

About KOIOS Master Data
KOIOS is a cloud based online community that enables manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and MRO organisations across many industries, including oil & gas,power transmission & distribution, finance and retail, to easily collaborate by searching for, uploading and downloading product quality data, in particular product specifications.
All catalogue items are available in an open, resolvable, machine readable form throughout the product data lifecycle across multiple organisations without language restrictions. By adhering to ISO Standards 22745 and 8000 all data is guaranteed to be accurate, complete and with known provenance.

Simon Towner, Chief Executive Officer for KOIOS Master Data Limited
+44 (0)23 9387 7599

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The KOIOS cloud based online community of international manufacturers and distributors is a leading trusted source of manufacturing product information globally making it much easier for businesses to trade internationally.

By ensuring all product data in the KOIOS repository complies fully with ISO 22745 and ISO 8000, buyers can rest assured that the products they find and buy have accurate and complete detailed specifications, where the data sources are well defined and known, and where language constraints are no more.

Manufacturers will increase sales by reaching a large market, and buyers will gain cost-savings and operational efficiency by simplifying how product data is sourced.

At KOIOS Master Data we have a suite of software products that make the transition to ISO 8000 very simple and straightforward for manufacturers. Using our content engine and integrations into partner technology, such as Quiplab and ECCMA, we can have manufacturers complying in next to no time.