Gold Solutions ( prefer to theme their seasonal sales campaigns on something brighter than the image of Black Friday so are using a much jollier White Xmas theme.

As providers of low budget business opportunity packages now for over 10 years they are making the most of the trend of individuals breaking free from employment and starting their own small businesses. Packages are at the lower end of the scale when it comes to fully supported start-ups and allow people to at least generate the higher incomes associated with skilled workers or even professional workers.

According to the UK Business Angels Association ( more than 650,000 people did just that in 2016 and is on target to improve on that in 2017.

With the advent of low pay jobs, zero hours contract work and the growth of the 'gig' economy, large numbers of people are feeling exploited by 'employment' and wish to take some control over their future. It is especially hard and disillusioning on the under 30's who increasingly feel they are being left out of a society that appears to reward the already wealthy with even more wealth at the expense of 'ordinary' people.

Perhaps it will only change dramatically when these 'lost' generations start understanding the power of social media and begin to break out of the trap that they, more than any other generation, understand better all others. It is quite telling that social media was a major factor in the rise of the Arab Spring yet the exploited in the West still seem reluctant to direct the same power on their own governments to effect more social changes - but it will change eventually.

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