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Advantage Business Partnerships Ltd

Advantage Business Partnerships win two awards for outstanding B2B services

23 March 2017 14:00


Advantage Business Partnerships (ABP), performance improvement specialists, have been successful in two awards programmes. They are named as one of Acquisition International Magazine’s Best of the Best in Turnaround Management 2017, and have also won Corporate International Magazine’s Global Award in the category of Strategic Performance Consulting Firm of the Year in England.

This recognition stems from ABP’s hands-on approach to helping their clients improve the performance of their business from the top line to the bottom line. Offering a range of high-quality consulting and management services, ABP have delivered outstanding results by working closely with their clients, planning and implementing steps for sustainable growth. The awards were based on examples of ABP’s achievements with clients and feedback received from their clients.

Daryl Woodhouse, Head of Strategy & Leadership at Advantage Business Partnerships, commented: “We’ve seen great success in helping our clients grow and improve their businesses, and it’s fantastic to receive this recognition. These awards are a testament to the expertise and hard work of the whole ABP team.”

Matthew Quade, Head of Performance Improvement at Advantage Business Partnerships, commented: “We’re delighted that these two awards show the range of our services, and the high standards of every area of our work. We take great pride in achieving excellent results for our clients and it’s great to see that our hands-on, solution-driven approach has been recognised.”

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About Advantage Business Partnerships Ltd

Advantage Business Partnerships’ purpose is to support businesses in achieving their full potential with maximum growth results.

Our online solutions support our ambitious clients with the key tools and knowledge to scale up their businesses sustainably, and we are currently exploring growth into new markets outside the UK. In addition, our award-winning team provides a range of 1:1 mentoring services, leadership development training and monthly business growth workshops delivered by experienced entrepreneurs and business advisers.

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