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Acorn Stairlifts

Acorn Stairlifts say “aloha” to the Yorkshire snow

29 April 2016 11:15


As arctic blizzards hit Yorkshire this bank holiday weekend, one member of the Acorn Stairlifts’ team has been seeing brighter skies and warmer weather – on the island of Hawaii!

The Yorkshire-based manufacturer is one of the largest stairlift suppliers in the world, exporting from its UK factories to over 80 different countries, including the USA where it is the market leader for stairlifts.

Touring the island this week is Acorn’s innovative sprinter van and FastTrack system which acts as a mobile warehouse carrying modular rail pieces which an installer can use to build a bespoke curved stairlift rail while onsite.

The system allows Acorn to install a bespoke curved stairlift without delay giving them a competitive edge.

There are eight main islands that make up the state of Hawaii, with a population of just 1.4 million. Hawaii is 2,400 miles away from the west coast of the United States - which is more than the distance from the UK to Canada.

Dave Belmont, Acorn Stairlifts’ company secretary said: “We have our FastTrack vans in use by our subsidiaries all over the world, but Hawaii is the most remote place so far. It just shows how our unique FastTrack system allows us to go to places other firms cannot reach.”

As for this FastTrack van, life is just a beach….

Acorn who have won a number of export awards, has subsidiaries around the globe, including Australia, Canada, South Africa, the USA, plus several offices in Europe. With an aging worldwide population and the logistical benefits that the modular FastTrack system can bring, the possibilities are endless.

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About Acorn Stairlifts

• Acorn Stairlifts is a world leader in the manufacture, installation and innovation of stairlifts

• Based at Steeton, West Yorkshire, Acorn Stairilfts has sales and service staff based throughout the UK

• Acorn Stairlifts produces around 50,000 stairlifts at its UK factories and is now the market leader in the US

• Acorn Stairlifts provides the fastest installation of stairlifts for curved staircases in the world – in some cases within 24 hours

• Acorn Stairlifts is a British manufacturer with an international and nationwide service of expert installers

• Acorn Stairlifts are precision manufactured, and designed and built in the UK

Every nine minutes someone's life is given a lift by installing an Acorn Stairlift

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