Lianne Young and Kelly Stafford have come a long way since their adult movie days. However, they remain steadfast in supporting victims of the industry they once called their own.
Qualified counsellors, they are passionate about the tragic cost of sexual abuse in the industry, and the alarming increase in the rate of suicide. The evidence is substantial - six adult performer suicides, former MPs grooming and sexually abusing actresses, fake HIV certificates, online shaming etc …
And they are angry at being silenced by industry leaders who ignore their concerns and their efforts to help.

Lianne is a regular media expert consultant and writer on sexual deviant behaviour, cyber security and pornography. “A prominent issue is the promotion of male porn actors as role models. It has lost all perspective. The public cannot differentiate between adult film fantasy and the reality of meaningful sexual relationships. This blurs the lines between acceptable and unacceptable sexual behaviour.

As the #metoo campaign highlights, this must change.
Recently, Kelly posted a video criticising UK producers and highlighting the need for change. It attracted 50,000 hits.
Articles and video can be seen on also on Twitter

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House of Ardent was established by Lianne Young to provide qualified advice, counselling, and assistance to individuals, couples, mainstream TV and print media on sex, relationships, pornography and addictions.

HOA is owned and managed by Lianne Young CAC, CAT and compliments her years of experience in television as a sex advisor. Fellow counsellor Kelly Berg CSC works with House of Ardent providing her own unique skills and expertise as an expert on the Adult entertainment industry. Kelly and Lianne are currently the only specilist cover this area in the UK and USA. There focus is to promote mental health and support vulnerable women.
Lianne has always had a strong desire to help people overcome challenging obstacles they may face in their lives and relationships from life choices.