Abandoned Planet is the first book by this legend of the ‘Urbex’ world. An eerie, thought provoking and haunting collection of images, which could be considered the definitive document of cinematic abandoned photography.

Beyond the clean lines of modern life, urban explorers hunt for the ever-growing dead spaces of the urban world; where the mountains of debris pile up behind our ‘progress’, bearing eerie testament to the inevitable triumph of decay. The angel of history looks back aghast at the accumulation of entropy and broken dreams, through the eye of Govia’s camera lens.

Having explored a myriad of individual locations, Andre takes us on a journey behind the facade of abandoned buildings to discover the hauntingly beautiful discoveries within. Nobody better captures the haunting poetry of these spaces, leading you on an emotional journey through a world most will never see. Abandoned Planet brings you an epic collection of his work, never before seen in print.

The pathos, the magic, the profound sadness of each image invites you to contemplate not only the eventual failure of all human endeavour but also the difficult to describe, indistinct yearning for a world less civilised, a nostalgia for wild spaces – for a life less tame.

Let the bittersweet melancholy of Andre Govia’s majestic photography get under your skin.

Hundreds of stunning cinematic abandoned photographs available to view.

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