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Spartans CocktailTaxi Ltd.

A unique concept Pop Up Cocktail Bar

03 April 2018 10:00


Spartans CocktailTaxi Ltd. is yet again working on a unique and innovative concept for a pop up cocktail bar that they are crowdfunding for at the moment on IndieGoGo platform.
Spartans CocktailTaxi Ltd. is combining the two worlds together to create something that has never been done before.
This is where Space meets the Earth,
Where Design meets Technology,
Where Imagination meets Reality, World's First EVER UFO mobile Cocktail Bar.

We're building a UFO that converts into a pop up bar, giving space for 6 mixologists to work their magic at festivals, corporate and private parties as well as movies and video clips... the opportunities are endless.
We live in a time that UFOs and Aliens topics are mostly and openly discussed on TV, Radio, Newspapers, Internet and in almost every gathering of family and friends. We believe that Spartans UFO Bar would be a great add-on to those conversations and a subject talked about long after the party you had at your home, work or wherever you wanted Spartans CocktailTaxi Ltd. to land the UFO.

We believe this is an awesome project and we want everyone to get on board on this amazing journey with us; you can get involved with this unique project by backing us on the IndieGoGo platform.

Here is the link to the IndieGoGo project and links to our website and social media.


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Spartacus Jah


Tel: 02085751061


About Spartans CocktailTaxi Ltd.

Spartans Cocktail Taxi is proud to be the first 24 hours Cocktail delivery service in the United Kingdom. We are the only mobile cocktail bar that mix and shake your cocktails at your doorstep with all fresh ingredients. Our cocktail bartenders are some of the best in the business, and we can assure you that they are fully equipped to create unique cocktails to your desire. Our Cocktails are all made with the best ingredients and all natural juices. We use the best Champagnes in our cocktails such as Dom Perignon, Cristal, Ace of Spades.... We’ve been mention in GQ Magazine, Spirit Business, Evening Standard, Aspire Magazine, London X Magazine...

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