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James De Moura

'A Passion for Provenance' : James De Moura unveils iconic collections of fine European craftsmanship

20 August 2015 08:15


British company, James De Moura, has set a precedent through its boutique collections of authentic luxury home accessories, sourced uniquely from European artisans, allowing private individuals and interior design professionals to benefit from a previously inaccessible market through a bespoke e-commerce platform.

With a strong focus on ‘finishing touches’, London based company, James De Moura, showcases the work of highly talented artisans who use traditional methods to create original designs. Elegant decorative ceramics and luxury table linens feature among the selections, together with Italian architectural elements and handcrafted clocks. In addition to browsing by product type, or colour theme, innovatively, the collections are also collated by provenance. Ranging from Portugal’s seafaring heritage to the warm allure of Provençal living, the client who has a particular interest in the origin of the objects will discover a rewarding new significance to the ‘art of arrangement’ made possible only by meticulous research and extensive travel.

‘A Passion for Provenance’ is the raison d’être behind the Company’s philosophy, as Managing Director, Richard Herstell, explains, commenting; “The Company’s inspirational vision is breathing fresh life into the domain of interior design. When you witness at first hand the skill involved in the creation of these pieces, you truly appreciate their value.”

James De Moura’s identity is defined by its stand against mass-produced items from the Far East, which have come to dominate even the higher end of the market. Milan based Elena Bersanini, who is experienced in the luxury goods sector, comments “The last ten years in particular have witnessed a marked shift towards mass-manufacturing in the domain of home furnishings, far away from the traditional centres of craftsmanship in Paris, Milan and Florence, to name but a few. James De Moura is a rarity in its timely response and is likely to generate substantial interest among discerning individuals and professionals.”

The Company delivers internationally, and offers preferential terms to business customers from whom requests for product customisation are welcomed.

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Gillian Herstell

Creative Director

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About James De Moura

James De Moura purvey exclusive high end, handcrafted interior design objects to private individuals, interior designers and boutique hotels. With a passion for provenance and a strong focus on 'finishing touches', the products, many of which are limited edition, have been sourced from some of the most iconic regions of Europe. The collections include a very special selection of premium pieces for those truly seeking the exceptional. Each design subtly encapsulates the very essence of its origin; from the enduring legacy of Portugal’s Age of Discoveries to the softly undulating vineyards of Provence.

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